@lightbae Hope all goes as well as possible with the family stuff. 💚

@lightbae sending love and light to you. hope whatever emergency you've got resolves as well as possible.

@lightbae Hang in there, homie. We’ll be here when you get back. And take care of yourself.

@lightbae sending good positive vibes to you and yours!!! 💙💙🔮 I hope things all work out xo

Hey ya'll. Have a pretty heavy family emergency to manage and I'm going to be pulling back on daily reads a bit to make sure I'm in the best possible headspace. I take these very seriously and want to make sure I'm spreading the most positive messages I can. You're all loved. Please feel free to @ me with questions if you ever have them. Thank you for your support.

Hi! Today's pull serves us The Emperor. You're poised to take control, conquer, and provide yourself and your loved ones with everything necessary for success. This is powerful energy for the weekend and the challenges ahead.

Today's pull serves us the Eight of Wands. Sending your love and passion to a special person. Life picking up pace and endeavors rapidly improving. You might be overwhelmed, but don't lose faith. It's all coming together in divine timing for your highest good.

This one hits home for sure. AN INTENSE weekend but we're still on the up.

Happy Holidays! Today's tarot pull serves us the Ten of Swords. The end of a painful cycle and culmination of some pretty intense energies you may been experiencing in at least one area of life. What conversations do you need to have with your loved ones; with yourself to move forward. How can you break free of fear?

Today's pull serves us The Queen of Swords. This person has the power to cut through bullshit, find the truth, and gain wisdom from their situation. How can you embody this energy today. Has someone you love recently criticized your or perhaps showed you a bit of tough love? Trust that there are tough messages you need to hear right now. This information can shed light on the Truth of your situation and push you toward growth.

justice is a Major Arcana card - often concerned with universal energies that we don't always have the ability to control or influence directly. Know that your circumstances are moving toward balance and clarity. You just have to be ok with that. Allow your situation to pan out - and detach from a specific result.

Today's pull serves us Justice. This card talks about balancing the scales, coming to final resolution on matters that have weighed heavily on your heart, and clearly understanding what you really need. This is about fairness and logic. The final word on matters that might have kept you up at night. Embrace the Truth and accept it so you can move forward with renewed strength.

Reads will be back next week fosho. Much love for ya'll <3 :)

It's hard not to get overwhelmed with "Should" sometimes

Today's pull serves us the Three of Cups. CELEBRATE! Looks like you have a fun weekend ahead of you, my love. Reunion with friends, lighthearted fun - or a passionate encounter with more than your fair share of intimates ;). The New Moon in scorpio says anything you do will be transformative so dive in and trust your instincts.

it amazes me how many right wing trolls/trolls in general have wives

like ????? if someone told me my partner spends their free time harassing strangers online. i would no longer have a partner lmao

or if i saw my partner spending internet time doing that, i would be like “gross bye”

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