One thousand Git commits! ⚡ Control Center now stands at 1,007 thanks to today's merge of translatable notifications (coming in a future release!)

Following Monday's release, today Lightmeter 0.0.8-1 improves email blocking detection via RBL monitoring, with smarter blocklist alerts, and more secure block detail forwarding from third parties. Get it via Docker Hub, Linux binaries, or source

New release! Lightmeter Control Center 0.0.8 has a new notification engine that sends alerts to Slack whenever problems are detected, including when the new RBL checks detect your IP is blocked by other servers

Roadmap planning meeting in Berlin today saw our 200th user story created, and 12 months of backlog groomed and effort-estimated!

New release! Control Center 0.0.7 detects high bounce rates, and inactivity – powered by a new analysis engine (it's just the start!). Also included: easier up- and down-grading, and tweaked UI. Get it via Docker Hub, Linux binaries, or source

Telecom companies are doing a miserable job of using email for the world over, with only 53% providing email-based support, and 65% of email requests being ignored, according to research by Netomi

We have packages for ! Lightmeter can now be setup in seconds for monitoring on the ultra-stable, declarative Linux OS, thanks to help from n1ksnut and eadwu

Another indie mail hosting service, Sekur, launches in Switzerland, promising “proprietary encryption technology" and "ultimate privacy” in CH, plus groupware options

New 'On Email' Webmail product launched by mobile-mail specialists Edison Apps, claims to have "reinvented email", looks suspiciously like a watered down 'Hey mail' clone

Today Marcel Edmund Franke joins our Engineering team in Berlin! Marcel is an contributor who specialises in algorithms for distributed systems. Welcome Marcel 🤗

New release! Control Center 0.0.6 adds community-driven translations via (DE and PT-BR to start), and includes the first community code-contributions 🎉 Docker image, binaries, and source code

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For those Berliners reeling from today's Mozilla news: there are positions open at our early stage, seed-funded, Open Source startup @lightmeter. Seeking and Vue peeps with entrepreneurial drive, for thrills, equity, and equal pay

(But there's only one actual test so far - so plenty of work to test all "critical paths" and outcomes ☺️)

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State of the art testing with and @GetGauge now runs on every @gitlab commit to Lightmeter Control Center! It's never been faster to write flexible, reliable end-to-end tests (and bake quality into workflow).

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In a democracy, the state can’t take over private organizations and replace their boards with political appointees. That's what the administration wants to do to the Open Technology Fund. EFF and partners told a court today: that's illegal, don't let it.

New Lightmeter Control Center release 0.0.5 adds domain mapping for smarter statistics, and direct binary downloads plus images on Docker Hub for easier installation

Two show-stopping bugs in separate updates within one month cause ZDnet editor to scream: "'s quality assurance team didn't bother to test the newest edition of Outlook with the latest version of Windows"

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After the city of and the Parliament of now the Municipality of , , commits to the principles of our campaign by publishing any publicly financed software development as . They also plan to gradually switch to Free Software in all municipal facilities.

Did you know that , probably the most popular mail server in history, was originally configured to accept anyone's email by default, without authentication? Thus it was open relay s/w when copyrighted in 1983 by the University of California

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