How many IP addresses are enough for robust email network performance? Are dedicated IPs just for bulk mail? Our delivery expert gives answers and best practices

Indian Govt. body announces free mailboxes for all owners of `.in` domains, including 10GB storage. How will this affect and uptake among the world's 2nd largest population? Free vs Free 馃

Just merged: support for emails delivered by `postfix/local` - these messages are now searchable using the Message Detective, as requested by B. Jucker

Fix just merged for crashing bug reported by Dominik G.: When log data is streaming via sockets and events start and end at same timestamp

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counts the biggest numbers of the internet (backed by innovative science). Guess the largest count of all? 馃摟馃か

How do and affect email deliverability? Lightmeter's resident delivery expert Victor Minev lays out the nuance in this comprehensive explainer

The May newsletter is out, highlighting a glut of new features, including self-support for mailbox end-users, and some news. Subscribe for an immediate inbox injection 馃摤

Public Key Infrastructure's forgotten strength: email signing -- Forbes argues that executives should use PKI as the "gold standard" in authentication

Delayed, dropped, bounced? Now you can find the fate of any email fast, and so can your mailbox users 鈥 without your help Smiling face with sunglasses Self-service email tracing for is here thanks to the "Message Detective" in today's Lightmeter 1.7 release

Email delivery vs email -- do you know the difference? This simple differentiation in terms helps cut through complexity in getting an email from A to B 馃摠

buys email security firm , a secure email gatway provider for and , to bolster its cyber-defence portfolio using "data sets, data science and cloud computing"

To make it easy to try out Lightmeter without installing it we created this new demo generator: as many private instances as you need to try (or show off to others). 2 Clicks, 5 seconds, boom! 馃幆

We have been shortlisted for the Next Generation Internet Pitch competition! It's part of the Forum next week (free & online):, run by the EU programme for top innovators who are shaping the 'Internet of Humans' @NGIZero@mastodon.xyzI

Release Candidate for Lightmeter 1.7 is ready for testing -- includes an updated database library and crash fixes, as well as a major new feature. Help catch issues before it's final! 鈿欙笍

Use a web control panel for managing servers? 380k admins are now supported by Lightmeter 1.6 - set it up in 3 minutes with this video guide

Lightmeter 1.6 released: Web-based server control panels including are now supported with point-and-click setup, and a welcome tour now onboards new users 馃崕 Get it while it's hot # YunoHost

A new Release Candidate for Lightmeter 1.6 is out 鈿楋笍 Last chance to test with your systems before the final is shortly released

Important security fixes are included in Lightmeter 1.5.1, just released, identified during an audit by . Check what's affected and cycle passwords if necessary 馃攣 Found, fixed, and released same day 鈴憋笍

Lightmeter 1.5 is out: now you can monitor remote using either sockets or sync'ing! ( users: we've got you covered 馃槈). Also past delivery performance now gets analysed and Insights created, producing a handy digest of found issues 馃摐

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