And multi-host support has just been merged into Lightmeter Control Center after more than two years in the backlog 😊 Soon you can monitor many mailservers from a single Lightmeter instance

Spam blacklisting is out of control, says Hacker News. Lightmeter to the rescue!:

✅ Monitoring of >100 RBLs
✅ Show blocked mail
✅ Advice on delisting
✅ Soon: customize RBLs checked

We had a great talk with Dutch hosting company and are happy to see Lightmeter supporting them in enabling high-deliverability hosted email for non-profit and other organisations in the Netherlands 🐱❤️

Fresh interview by the EC about the challenges facing email, and how Lightmeter is helping: "When hosting email is as easy as hosting WordPress, then everyone can keep their private communications in a trustworthy place"

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We scanned the world's mailservers and found 92% of them running software - see what else was discovered in preliminary results just published

Did you know that email greylisting can be applied at five different stages of delivery & processing? Today's new knowledgebase article explains which produces the fewest false positives

Behind every email is a trail of Delivery Status Notification (DSN) codes, recording success or failure. But the terms are tormenting: is DSN just a code, a message, an "Enhanced code" (ESC), or all of the above? Our new dictionary reveals all

Turns out 3m indie servers and 1m admins are good at keeping messages flowing. Ask your nearest email admin (don't ask Facebook)

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If WhatsApp infrastructure were owned by users, not Facebook, then could only affect one household at a time. Communicating with family and work is too important to be the job of one company. Decentralize now!

When's the last time your mailboxes were down 5 hours? Time to show some love for ~1 million email admins who keep our inboxes flowing 24/7/365 😇

Lightmeter 1.9 released, introducing a new peer network for large-scale collaboration. How much better would email be if the servers that hosted them worked together instead of against each other? Let's find out 🤝

Coming soon to Lightmeter: crowdsourced automation - announcing the introduction of a new automated peer network, for improving mailserver security and performance.

Spam filtering is apparently now illegal in Texas. Senders who are blocked can sue for $10/msg up to $25K/day 🤯 It's supposed to protect freedom of speech 🧐 Via J.Levine/Mailop.

We used since the start to host all the Lightmeter code because it's free-as-in-freedom - anyone can host their own alternative, or have others host it for you (example: @Cloud68). Thanks to all our GitLab contributors!

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Cause for freedom-lovers to celebrate: heads to IPO with $233M ARR and 69% growth rate. They are the reason that today is still a viable fully solution. Without them we'd be stuck with Microsoft's proprietary veneer. 👋 7 year user here. Onwards!

We've been awarded $10k in services by @OpenTechFund to keep communications infrastructure independent and trustworthy! 🌐 Running your mailstack is about to get easier ✨

Help road test the latest improvements to Lightmeter monitoring for and we'll thank you with $50, for up to 60 minutes of your time (PayPal, Amazon, or donation of your choice). Register in 30 seconds and make better

The massive 91 update just hit repositories packed with features: 1⃣ Built-in PDF reader 2⃣ New mailbox setup wizard 3⃣ New attachments UI 4⃣ Better Linux font and input rendering (sweet relief!). This Thunderbird's electric ⚡️

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