Use a web control panel for managing servers? 380k admins are now supported by Lightmeter 1.6 - set it up in 3 minutes with this video guide

Lightmeter 1.6 released: Web-based server control panels including are now supported with point-and-click setup, and a welcome tour now onboards new users 🍎 Get it while it's hot # YunoHost

A new Release Candidate for Lightmeter 1.6 is out βš—οΈ Last chance to test with your systems before the final is shortly released

Important security fixes are included in Lightmeter 1.5.1, just released, identified during an audit by . Check what's affected and cycle passwords if necessary πŸ” Found, fixed, and released same day ⏱️

Lightmeter 1.5 is out: now you can monitor remote using either sockets or sync'ing! ( users: we've got you covered πŸ˜‰). Also past delivery performance now gets analysed and Insights created, producing a handy digest of found issues πŸ“œ

Three billion phishing emails sent each day make critical for today's mail servers, says -- that's right, and thanks to an early grant from Euro-NGO it's long been available via

A great read by on email's 50th anniversary: β€œWhat makes so relevant is the openness of its standard. It eludes the attempts of tech giants to create their own proprietary platforms that only their customers can communicate on."

Criminal email activity within South Africa increased drastically during Covid, says . Only 30% of SA respondents using :

β€’ Malware +385%
β€’ Impersonation +75%
β€’ Spam +46%.

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aand our first accelerator application for @lightmeter is submitted. Good questions. Kudos to Suela Palushi for getting it lined up and over the line, so we could also pitch on at yesterday evening

The first Release Candidate for Lightmeter 1.5.0 is ready for testing βš—οΈ It includes a nice new feature which impacts the speed of first-run mail data import -- check how it performs for your network

Welcoming new back-end engineer Nico Jean (@nicooo) to the team in our this morning πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ (And so old friends from @fsfe are reunited)

Popular budget euro mailserver host suffering major disruption today during to catastrophic fire

Lightmeter 1.4.0 just released, introducing email notifications of high priority problems (yes finally!) with direct links to Insights, plus six tweaks and fixes

The attack on Microsoft mailservers continues to infect 'thousands per hour', compromising them with web accessible shells which remain after security patching. US agencies ordered to mitigate

We've partnered with Open Source experts to make self-hosting email-enabled productivity rock-solid. Check out the new Kopano-Lightmeter integration

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