NASA TV Coverage Set for Next Space Station Resupply Mission with SpaceX via NASA

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An elephant had to be rescued from the bottom of a well in India on Nov 20. The 14-hr operation took a team of approx 50 people, two excavators, trucks, and a crane to pull the 25-year-old animal out of the 55-ft-deep well. The animal is reportedly doing fine, per local media.

New York City, hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, is still storing hundreds of bodies in refrigerated trucks at the Brooklyn waterfront, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Trump administration GSA Emily Murphy grants permission to begin the transition process to President-elect Joe Biden

NASA, US and European Partners Launch Mission to Monitor Global Ocean via NASA

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Trans Lives Matter. We will keep saying it until everybody acknowledges it. The murder and persecution need to stop.

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"This is the reality of Facebook in South and Southeast Asia. Facebook views the region as a market – not as a society, community, and home." — writes Aman Abhishek for

Cold-chain and two-dose requirements for promising vaccine candidates pose serious challenges for Native American communities without reliable electricity or transportation.

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The massive food companies that provide meals for schools, hospitals, and arenas are adopting more plant-based recipes

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