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Hey y'all is it possible to boost this post please? It'd be really helpful! Its basically a post i made saying that im doing translations (french to english) of texts/stories, 1$ per 100 words. Im in desperate need of money so please boost

hate when a show zooms into a characters mouth and fades to black... stop voring me

always jarring to see people on tiktok making videos outside. please stay in your houses

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oh god I can't feel my limbs I think the tapeworm is finally assuming direct control

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*danganronpa execution music as a bunch of monokuma sings while a kid is getting murdered*

dangan ronpa charlie and the chocolate factory au by @Desmone coming soon

charlie and the chocolate factory is basically just dangan ronpa

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my girlfriend smacked me in their sleep again and it woke them up they said they kept having to reach for things in their dreams

my girlfriend just punched me in their sleep then proceeded to turn and kick me, then swing their arm up and smack me in the face... what the FUCK are u dreaming about

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stop putting fat pikachu behind sensitive content filters i keep thinking im gonna get to see coochie and being let down

me: im wondering if the bird we saw at the pet store knows im thinking about her. i know the fish isnt because she has a life- like she has her own tank, she moved her boyfriend in, and she has kids on the way, so probably not. but maybe the bird knows

my girlfriend: mina it is 4 am

every interaction i have on reddit makes me feel like im talking to my tenth grade english teacher after forgetting to hand my homework in

i tried to take a picture of her but she thought i was holding a treat so here

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