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People deleting their tumblr accounts already are stronger than i will ever be

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y'all posting funny ass pictures under a "sensitive content" banner are the reason i keep seeing whole ass coochie on accident

enough nonbinary im now antibinary. u can only be binary and valid if youre trans

i hate when ppl make a promo and be like i want new mutuals!!! then they never follow back. just say u want more followers

saw this massive goldfish at the pet store. hand for scale. absolute unit

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instead of furby discourse ill be remembered for positive shit. :sm64_f: :sm64_r: :sm64_o: :sm64_g: :sm64_t: :sm64_i: :sm64_m: :sm64_e:

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this website is a pvp enabled confessional booth

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he has something to share with you, but he seems nervous. will you listen?

( x ) yes ( ) no

••• 🎤🎸🐀

it seems like he wants to play you a song! he wrote it himself, so he’s still rather nervous.

( x ) cheer him on ( ) tell him to hurry up


okay!!! he’s fired up now!!!


woah!!! the song is really good!! you listen intently. suddenly you realize it’s a love song, he’s confessing his feelings to you!

( x ) accept ( ) reject

💞🐀 happily ever after!

i spent an hour alphabetizing my girlriends mtg cards and the cat just knocked them all onto the floor im gonna go rabid

glimmer: (does something mildly funny)


whenever i kin a character they just become infinitely more funny to me because i think im hilarious

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Oh, one more important note: we do not allow the impersonation of real people on This includes "kin". We do take this seriously and will disable any accounts we find violating this rule.

this is beanie hes stuck on a shelf and wont let me help him down

i just had to stop my cat from eating a marble are you fucking kidding me beanie are you trying to die

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Seeing things like "an error has occurred" is so refreshing. Fuck you tumblr and ur "oops something went bloopies!!! :P"

in grade 8 two of my friends came over for new years and i told them to take whatever they wanted from the liqueur cabinet since my parents werent home and when i came upstairs one of them was drinking margarita mixer from the bottle. i didnt say anything

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278,472 accounts
+418 in the last hour
+12,342 in the last day
+11,401 in the last week

the user posting noncon deltarune in local was banned. kinnies: 1

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