I wrote a thing that people here might like (usual stuff, leadership, digital, transfromation, yada yada...) medium.com/the-satori-lab/lead

ICYMI our very own Liam Mcconnachie rendered the EOIs as a network map which is both fun and interesting to explore thesatorilab.github.io/network

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"Does dropping (malicious) USB drives in parking lots and other places really work?"

297 samples were dropped, 290 got picked up. 135 people opened documents (HTML pinger), 54 flash drives got returned.

20% were opened within the first hour. In less than 5 hours half of the devices were used by someone.

Study & talk (2016) by Elie Bursztein: youtube.com/watch?v=XJCQBqTmGU

The Christmas music has officially started (Mrs L-A-W has been agitating for this since June).


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