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also in case you didn't know I made a bot or two (it's two)
and i like them very much

here is just one of those bookmarks. i think you will recognize the text. have fun exploring the library, and i hope you find a page or two to share.

searching results from the site shows every page someone out there has bookmarked. it acts as a little peek into what people on the internet searched for and found in the noise.

every little page they found noteworthy. i suggest giving it a try.

the library does not store every single combination. instead it uses an algorithm to generate them on the fly. however, users can bookmark pages, and doing so permanently stores the page in the database.

it is a theoretical end result of a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters. every truth, every falsehood, and every opinion of reasonable length is there.
it is fully searchable, so anything you put in can be found. somewhere.
(2/5) is a very cool site. inside is every possible three thousand and two hundred character combination of the twenty six lower case letters of the english alphabet, the space, the period and the comma.

i made a mockup. any artists have my permission to adapt this into a long-running series

more of those "everyone in smash lives in an apartment complex and hangs out together" webcomics please.
but with sans now

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Thank you for calling Panther Central! Currently all of our experienced representatives are assisting other customers. Please stay on the line for the next available customer service representative.
The Panther Central Staff is at your service! This call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes. Thank you!

(lo quality classical music)

ugh. I hate FEELING angry and not being able to get rid of it quickly

feeling angry right now, in my shoulders and in my head. gonna go to bed instead of doing something stupid

got a Homebrew DSi working so I'd like to announce I'm leaving the modern gaming world behind

i should log in to my other bot accounts to see if anything's broken...

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my parents really got a 50% hit rate w these assigned genders like lmao git gud

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