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also in case you didn't know I made a bot or two (it's two)
and i like them very much

just went to prom. it was very fun. I danced a lot and got sweaty but I wore a nice suit (!) and had a great time w pals and my date

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mastodon is the online platform where the 30 year olds have constant drama meltdowns while the 17 year olds calmly exchange views on post-left theory

what the hell
just got this notification (he did this recently)
the man taunts me

every day on Mastodon there are several main characters. the goal is to always be part of the ensemble cast

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hm. i don't really like the palettes made by that much.
im sorry, @palette

@palette it also should be Posting now, a fix in the code spelling Mastodon as Masodon for the past 13 hours

ok! @palette should be better now! now tells you the colors, base hue, and palette mode!

just saw the Sonic trailer after hearing people complain about the teeth, and wow. they were Right, it's really off-putting

tusky has disappointed me for a second time. first it failed @emojidna, and now this

anyone know a mastodon android app that supports polls?

blurs s bit bad. might need to increase img size to reduce upscaling

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now that's what we call "it's probably working fine 😎"

oh no my bots missed a post while I was adding a new one to the jumble! my bad

this is not what I wanted, but it is not what I feared! should be easy to fix

my bad code containing every bot I've ever made (minus the discord one) is now at 99.5 mb. is that good

i made a new bot and it hasn't crashed yet so πŸ‘
it also hasn't posted yet but it's not scheduled to yet! that's fine

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