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Hey Fedi!

What website-building tools are:
* User-friendly (requires no HTML, etc.)
* Easily editable
* Free and Open Source
* Self-hostable (and lightweight)

This is for a friend who wants help to set up a website, but should be able to edit it on their own.

Any opinions, suggestions, or alternate ideas?

#askFedi #floss #WebDesign

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I’m looking for someone to help me in the development of my website. Only advices and best practices to start

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📢 opening:
We are looking for a working student with interest in (e.g. , , frontend). The position can be remote or -based.

Please forward the message to interested applicants, thank you!


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Le ministère japonais de la Santé a répertorié l'inflammation du muscle cardiaque et de la paroi externe du cœur chez les homems jeunes comme effets secondaires graves possibles des vaccins Moderna et Pfizer [EN]

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Contrary to what the dairy industry wants you to believe, cow’s milk isn’t the only source of calcium.

Lots of plants are full of calcium. What’s your favorite source of plant-based calcium ?


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