I hopped on over to wandering.shop, to take some of the strain off .social. Here's the link, if you're there as well: wandering.shop/@lilithsaintcro

Sedating people: not actually that straightforward

Now I have panang curry paste all over my hands. Am strangely okay with this.

When you have a half-hour chat with an editor and the world seems brighter as a result. Yeah. That.

So if Mastodon had a desktop app, naming would be fun. Tootdeck. Tootdreck. Or my favourite contender, TootAlors.

I find very little as beautiful as a couple murders of crows playing on a stiff wind.

Hi everyone! #introduction

At aiweirdness.com I train neural networks on unfair datasets, to get them to generate nonsense for my amusement. I've had it generate stuff like paint colors, craft beers, and my little ponies, and for NaNoWriMo I'm collecting first lines of novels so I can train a neural net on those.

I also really like scifi/fantasy and you all seemed nice, so - hi!

Breakfast: coffee and Nilla wafers. I REGRET NOTHING.

Heads up. Tootdon has a voice timeline, which reads the toots aloud for you. It's a lovely feature if you need it, but a hell of a default setting.

"...a pastel cruise ship fever dream of otters holding hands, cookie-cutter neighborliness, and frozen yogurt." filmschoolrejects.com/good-pla

So if you like Mastodon, Gargron (the guy who created /is paying to develop it) has a Patreon: patreon.com/mastodon

You have to admit, Marvel-movie Odin is a REALLY bad father.

"...now if we only had a wheelbarrow, THAT would be something."

What is it about being in a BMW in a parking lot that turns people into such rage-filled asshats?

Dreamed I had four male roommates, one of whom was assassin-training me and another who ate metal at every meal. Metal. Iron, preferably.

It was time to wake up.

Today is the day we wash the bulldog.

That's not an euphemism.

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