Yo, regular ol' fashioned run o' da mill mastodon place, what's going on?

I can exclusively reveal sandwich #2 is just as good as the first one. Those little crunchy fried onion bits really make it!

Mmm, that sandwich was good! *Smashes plate on ground* ANOTHER!

I'm sorry I'm not a witch anymore. My mum is, but i gave it up years ago. I bet witches.town is nice.

(Wicca dot com was one of my first online communities)

actual discussion I just had here, paraphrased:

me: "gif avatars make me get motion sickness, and are dangerous for people with epilepsy"

them:"Just write a browser plugin to disable them, it's your fault you have a problem, you shouldn't be pushing for it to bee disabled for everyone"

yeah fuck that, I'm going back to twitter, at least there the rude randos *don't* have animated avatars.

LB: GIF avatars give a lot of us motion sickness or worse. Please don't use them.

what if i was watching MST3k and the started watching Slaves to the Snake Goddess?

*slips back in here* what's going on friendlies?

I'm watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000 - gosh Manos is baaaad, and these references are way too old for me.

oooh hallooo people, not been on this instance today.
how we doig

Gross, medical 

Food mention 

Everyone who just joined is now a leftist furry gamedev sorry I don't make the rules

:bird: "Tweet tweet~"
:elephant: "Toot toot~"
:penguin: "Noot noot!"

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