Getting to the point in my programming project where I am SO OVERWHELMED but at least I am enthusiastic about working and figuring it out (as compared to Nov-Jan when I was depressed and unenthusiastic about anything.)

Reading some documentation, came across a strange word.

“i felse? i felse? why would they name it that?”

Took me a few minutes to realize it was ifelse… if else.

/drinks more coffee

I shared some tough stories from my childhood with Indie Hackers — my social anxiety and how I deal with and overcome it today while being a public figure. See it on Instagram:

Applied to speak at DjangoCon Europe, you should too! April 10-14 in Copenhagen:

Working on a new presentation with no home yet (Introduction to Using APIs), but it’s something I’m excited about teaching. Fun work on a Monday.

‪I’m creating an presentation for beginner programmers teaching how to work with APIs. Any recommendations for conferences to submit to?‬

I started noting whether my non-fiction books I read mention or recommend women.

This page is particularly annoying.

Best part about writing a few Django books?

I get to reference my material ALL THE TIME when I’m building new apps.

50% all my products with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2018, works on everything in

Will work from today until Monday at midnight ET. 🎉

Another option I have is to sell print-on-demand books through Amazon/my website but also pre-order a small amount of the high quality books for me to bring to conferences/sell through Kickstarter. Hmmm.

Important question for folks who’ve seen my Hello Web Books in person:

They’re super pretty. I’m proud of their quality. But should I move to print-on-demand to make updates easier?

Does book quality (paper thickness, cover, etc) factor into your book buying decision?

For all of you who are immune to canker sores: I hate you.

I should mention that I love programming too (most experience in Python/Django) so a role in that area would be awesome too, or something that combines front+backend.

Hey friends, I’ve been thinking that it’s time to get a job. I’m looking at UI/UX designer, front-end dev, and product manager-type positions, remote or Toronto. Any help/recommendations appreciated!

And yay! My systemd timer + Django management command meant the schedule post correctly posted this morning. Next up, tying in auto-social-media posting.

The post isn’t meant as a tutorial, more like, “Oh man I haven’t blogged in forever I might as well write a thought-stream about what I did,” blog post. 😅

I moved’s website from a static site generator to a full Django site and wrote up a bit about the process:

I’m specifically talking about program-y stuff here (and for me, today, systemd stuff) but you know, this goes for most things.

Learning something new and not going to work on something like it again for awhile?

Write notes. Save those notes where you can find them later.

Man, learning so much in the last few days.

Today: systemd things

The programming hole is so deeeeep

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