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Still dealing with the consequences of mail servers suppressing my main Hello Web Books email due to hard-bouncing a month ago. Sigh. Has anyone else dealt with this?

Around 50 previous purchasers of my books are bebopping around @hellowebbooks new course pages and helping me find bugs.

Delighted to have such a great crew of supporters. One of the unexpected side-effects of selling a product. ☺️

I’m so into this project that I worry that during my vacation next week I’m going to spend the entire time coding next to the pool.

(Probably not a bad thing.)

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Getting to the point in my programming project where I am SO OVERWHELMED but at least I am enthusiastic about working and figuring it out (as compared to Nov-Jan when I was depressed and unenthusiastic about anything.)

Reading some documentation, came across a strange word.

“i felse? i felse? why would they name it that?”

Took me a few minutes to realize it was ifelse… if else.

/drinks more coffee

I shared some tough stories from my childhood with Indie Hackers — my social anxiety and how I deal with and overcome it today while being a public figure. See it on Instagram:

Applied to speak at DjangoCon Europe, you should too! April 10-14 in Copenhagen:

Working on a new presentation with no home yet (Introduction to Using APIs), but it’s something I’m excited about teaching. Fun work on a Monday.

‪I’m creating an presentation for beginner programmers teaching how to work with APIs. Any recommendations for conferences to submit to?‬

I started noting whether my non-fiction books I read mention or recommend women.

This page is particularly annoying.

Best part about writing a few Django books?

I get to reference my material ALL THE TIME when I’m building new apps.

50% all my products with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2018, works on everything in

Will work from today until Monday at midnight ET. 🎉

Another option I have is to sell print-on-demand books through Amazon/my website but also pre-order a small amount of the high quality books for me to bring to conferences/sell through Kickstarter. Hmmm.

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Important question for folks who’ve seen my Hello Web Books in person:

They’re super pretty. I’m proud of their quality. But should I move to print-on-demand to make updates easier?

Does book quality (paper thickness, cover, etc) factor into your book buying decision?

For all of you who are immune to canker sores: I hate you.

I should mention that I love programming too (most experience in Python/Django) so a role in that area would be awesome too, or something that combines front+backend.

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Hey friends, I’ve been thinking that it’s time to get a job. I’m looking at UI/UX designer, front-end dev, and product manager-type positions, remote or Toronto. Any help/recommendations appreciated!

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