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And yay! My systemd timer + Django management command meant the schedule post correctly posted this morning. Next up, tying in auto-social-media posting.

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The post isn’t meant as a tutorial, more like, “Oh man I haven’t blogged in forever I might as well write a thought-stream about what I did,” blog post. 😅

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I moved’s website from a static site generator to a full Django site and wrote up a bit about the process:

I’m specifically talking about program-y stuff here (and for me, today, systemd stuff) but you know, this goes for most things.

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Learning something new and not going to work on something like it again for awhile?

Write notes. Save those notes where you can find them later.

Man, learning so much in the last few days.

Today: systemd things

The programming hole is so deeeeep

And it’s deployed on DigitalOcean. I tried Heroku but there were some errors I couldn’t solve with everything abstracted away, and it was fun figuring out server stuff.

Okay, going to write a blog post now using my fancypants cms.

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I’m new to using WagtailCMS, and hopefully having better blog authoring/scheduling tools will encourage me to blog more. (Oops.)

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This’ll give me a lot more flexibility on orders and payments, and enable to me to build it out fully into a membership site (so I can host my own courses, since I’m paying a ton to host them elsewhere.)

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Front-end, it’s looks about 99% the same. But it’s been moved from a static site to a full back-end using @djangoproject and @WagtailCMS powering the blog.

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All my whining about server administration can cease! (Well, maybe for a minute.) Because I finally successfully deployed the new version of @hellowebbooks’ website:

Yet another day where I am tripped up by ALLOWED_HOSTS with Django. I seem to only remember it about 50% of the time.

Day three of working solely on server administration.

What is it like outside?
Will I ever see sun again?

By that, I mean like the super duper basic commands. I’m not a power user. But it’s so dang useful.

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vim has been of the most useful things I’ve learned in the last 10 years.

lollll at emails with the subject “WeddingLovely for Cover Story Profile in The 10 Most Hottest Startups To Watch in 2019” and then at the bottom of the email say, “There is a nominal sponsorship for all the above-mentioned benefits.”

Hi, I’m Tracy, and I just accidentally committed with secret keys in git history to a public git repo.

US politics / swearing 

I wonder if I’ll ever have a day with this current US president where I don’t think, “Christ, what an asshole.”

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