It's the end of the month, and all patreon-havers are anxiously trying to make that one last final promotional push before the money movage happens. Just in case someone signs up right this very instant. Because it just might happen, and then it would have been just in time.

Now, you might be thinking that I won't do it, but lemme tell you, I can anx with the best of them. So here goes. That one last time this month

I'm about to do laundry and then I'm going to "plan my outfits for the week"???

When did I become this person?

I haven't completely caught up on all the details of Ginny's recent mastodon harassment though I want to express my full solidarity with Ginny. Fuck this shit.

I also want to express that the response to this issue as I'm sure everyone is aware will make or break, for a LOT of users including myself, the long-term viability of mastodon as a social networking platform. And it's not just the burden of administrators but on all the "good" men/"nice guys" who use this service.

Are you a Bay Area LGBTQ/Furry artist who wants space to show, sell, talk, dance, and play?

Look no further!

This May 13th join us at the Billy DeFrank LGBTQ center for 7, in collaboration with San Jose FurCon!


a reminder: supports my whole family. we dont exactly live paycheck to paycheck anymore, but what i do for a living drains my soul (see: being a woman in tech)

if yall have the means to comfortably help me transition to doing and media as a full time job please sign up, and if you dont, tell your friends about what we do.

upcoming projects include covering H-game soundtracks and writing an original fighting game OST


Need an extension that can automatically highlight specific words on a browser. It would help with my job immensely.

i want to be able to change parts and modify the loadout more than superficially, but i also want to paint a big crow on it and have spikes.
i want to run missions where one-size-fits-all doesn't work and you have to think about your loadout for a mission and replay it a bunch.
i want online multiplayer, but not just competitive. team arena, ctf, all-terrain races, story mode co-op.
if this game doesn't exist and no one is making it, then who wants to help me make this dream happen?

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i would really like a game where the mechs are not purely for aesthetic purposes or wholly incidental to the gameplay.
i want to pilot a big lumbering piece of shit in a cockpit view with multiple body-mounted cameras.
i want to worry about chassis weight.
i want to worry about overheating and how heavy my ammo is and how quickly my computer can calculate things like balance and enemy position.

I am very much in favour of services like Patreon or similar crowdfunding since they free creators up from work-for-hire and allow them to work as their muse dictates rather than altering their work to their audience/market. That can have amazing results, and I'd love to see that sort of thing become even more prevalent.

On the heels of those reToots, I'm going to blatantly push the fact that I, too, have a Patreon. At this moment I have no other income so even a $1 pledge is highly appreciated.

Given the dev for Mastodon himself has a Patreon, it seems ridiculous to put it down on the service he created.

Anyhow, here's the link:

Here's what I managed to do making a song six out of every seven days for a month.
I'd love some feedback on what you like, what you don't, and what if anything you'd like to see turned into a full song with better production.

We're also looking for gigs and are more concerned with experience and exposure than anything else, so indie folks who plan on shipping are welcome to pay in equity, and we love working with jammers.

y'all i get so tired this time of year.
allistics, use your privilege to give a voice to autistic folk, dont speak for us.

On this topic, would anyone happen to know where I can buy a in ? I've been dying to have one for ages and I could reasonably afford one now.

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On one hand, I want to have a social life.
On the other I don't want to spend a week's worth of spoons in a single day and get misgendered a whole bunch.

I know! I'll never leave my apartment ever again. (That's healthy, right?)

Where do the kids hang out in West ? I can't be the only in this neighbourhood. : /

i only started playing games a few years ago and just got myself a ps4 for my birthday. turns out they have stuff built in for streaming, so i thought it might be fun to try it out. i was wondering if there are any really popular games, especially older ones that everyone has played, that folks would like to see someone play for the first time.

I've been needing a dose of positivity lately. He talks openly about his shortcomings and how he overcomes them.

Now that I've wrapped up this part of the daily doodle project I'm strongly inclined to point at it and go, "Wow, look at all this! Now imagine what I could do with more time and a budget!" but I know better than to believe that myself. There's a fundamental difference between the ability to put down on paper a series of rapid iterations and the ability to produce a single piece of quality media. I still have a lot of work to do, and I hope people will be there supporting me doing it.

Is there something I can read about breast-having etiquette? I think I have enough that I would be side-eyed for being topless at the beach.

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