Where did all these unfilled little buns come from...?

Nobody knows, but they're also available in chocolate flavor.

And this one's a chocolate chip almond cake. You can drop the sugar to 1 tbsp to make it less sweet and more breakfasty.

I made pixel art recipe cards out of a couple mug cake recipes I've been making often. This one's a chocolate "brownie"...

My Farm to Table assets are now available as a bundle, for 25% off- that's just $15 for 255 item sprites and 120+ plant sprites!

oops, I forgot about this account for a while! Let's see, what do I need to catch up on... hm...

what's growing...?
I updated the page for my growing plants asset pack to include an animated sample of just a few of the included plants! Here's a preview, you can see the rest on the itch page: linnet.itch.io/farm-to-table-g

My growing plants asset pack is available now at linnet.itch.io/farm-to-table-g ! It includes growing plants to match every crop in the item pack (linnet.itch.io/farm-to-table), variants and all. Perfect for that farming game you've been meaning to make!

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here's another little teaser for my upcoming growable plants asset pack- grapes, kiwifruit and onions!

and finally: Ms. Frizzle has a door shaped like herself in the shed, which is just INCREDIBLY powerful.

1) giant porthole ant farm on the porch- big portholes are a motif throughout the house. windows, aquariums, ant farm
2) there's the gumdrops-and-toothpicks bridge from the episode where they're tiny and have to build things to escape a bathroom!!!

I looked through the Magic School Bus episode that features Ms. Frizzle's house, because I was entranced by it as a kid. it rules. here's some highlights
1) living area feat coffee table shaped like liz
2) kitchen. powerful all around
3) shed with cartoon hand door opener

did you know that if you're growing corn and want to save seeds to grow again, you should grow at least 200 plants to avoid inbreeding depression affecting the quality of the seed crop?

anyway hey I'm working on another Farm to Table asset pack, this time with growable plants to match the crops included in the item pack- here's corn 🌽

really fun commission today- a Mon Cheri cherry cordial candy with a bite out of it, for a Twitch emote! mastodon.social/media/Cls6PiC3

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