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@sati In my mind i got the Ubuntu'esque picture of "within Downloads, right click this folder, encrypt, right click also that andwhatnot folder and encrypt, leave others be". This kind of approach makes it DE related. We'll get more info on this soon of course.

Ring is a privacy-focused, open-source Skype alternative. GNU Ring is a cross-platform, privacy-minded communication app that is fast gaining a following in FOSS and security-conscious circles -->

@sati This is part of Ubuntu's transformation / progress overall now that the actual desktop is given more attention than in a long long time. Gnome now the default for stock Ubuntu and System76 as keen supporters of the ideals of Ubuntu, always lending a hand to make it even more convenient for the end user. 18.04 LTS is most definitely something to look forward to.

System76's engineer Jeremy Soller announced that he's been working on bringing encrypted Home folder support in the GNOME desktop for the upcoming Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) -->

@OdaNobunaga Indeed. There is also for example Ring, Telegram and Tox.

Linux PC joint System76: "The revolution of ‘76… the fight for freedom from oppression, the determination to create your own opportunity. The people have forgotten what real freedom means– to have the possibility of attaining anything you can imagine.." ->

@sati Yes, they are all in for rock solid stability from ground up.

@sati Update: Fedora and Debian already have hardware acceleration. But for video playback, it depends on the format. MP4 is now shipped with Fedora and other codecs can be obtained from the repositories.

@sati Defaulted, none that i know of. It has been to do with driver performance / stability. Ubuntu seems to be up for it now.

How Vigo council migrated to Linux. Hugo, from Vigo council IT department, explained the process of how they migrated more than 800 workstations to Linux -->

The flying Finn Linus Torvalds hopes to release the Linux 4.12 kernel in two weeks, on July 2. A day later than usual, came the sixth Release Candidate (RC) milestone --> #4.12

Canonical's Will Cooke reports on Ubuntu's desktop team making enablement for hardware-accelerated video playback in Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) by default -->

Ask Noah show | Episode 13. A Linux show where You are the content. This week back in Grand Forks, a deep dive on TAILS – the distro designed to provide with a secure computing environment. Universal installers, the security of messengers & calls -->

Linux Action News | Episode 6. More competition in desktop Linux, Debian 9, Tails 3, Firefox 54, FreeNAS 11 & OpenMediaVault 3 all got released -->

Debian: a Linux distribution known for its rock solid stability. Its trustees are for example NASA. The flagship of Debian (stable) is designed to be, well, stable. The foundation of Debian is built upon long development cycles and a conservative approach to application updates. Now: Debian 9 "Stretch" has been officially released! ->

LINUX GAMES @ E3 2017! A scoop video brought to you by Gardiner Bryant "The Linux Gamer" --> #2017

Feral Interactive: bringing Vulkan (a low-overhead, advanced cross-platform 3D graphics API) to the acclaimed racing game Grid Autosport for Android. According to Ellie from Feral Interactive, desktop Linux users might be "Vulkanized" next! --->

Friend of Freedom Penguin mag, Michael Tunnell, has created this great shirt! This shirt is to celebrate the proliferation of Linux throughout the computing world. Hurry, it’s available for a limited time only -->