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*Linux Laptop Wiki [Rebooted]*

The aim of the website is to provide a central wiki to post experiences with Linux on the model of laptop / notebook you're using. is an attempt to 'reboot' the abandoned and spammed linlap dot com which is now unusable.

Please consider participating on building a new "HQ" sending in your model / experiences!

Any help appreciated!

don [at]


Total War: Three Kingdoms | Feral has managed a same-day Linux release!

Is this a sign of porting games between platforms has now come to a point where it is not THAT much more of an effort?

A turn-based real-time tactics strategy video game was developed by Creative Assembly (published by Sega).

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Jolla / Sailfish OS: a benefit from Huawei's Android ban.

A surprise momentum on the recent Trump Administration's decision to blacklist Huawei.


“We believe the world is not going to be only iOS and Android forever. Such a world scenario simply limits natural human innovation, and as seen by the topical political acts, can be also very risky for the industry.”

Run also Android apps on Sailfish.


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GRID Ultimate Edition (a reboot) - WISHLIST on Steam if you want LINUX support !!

Feral Interactive did the port for GRID Autosport so there is a good chance Linux gamers to also receive this one.

* The correct course of action: set your platform preference on Steam to "SteamOS + Linux" on a Linux machine & wishlist GRID.

Post asking Linux support == >

The store page == >

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👍 :tux: Südkoreas Regierung migriert von Windows 7 nach Linux

Das Supportende von Windows 7 nimmt die Regierung Südkoreas zum Anlass für eine Linux-Migration, statt auf Windows 10 zu aktualisieren.

#Südkorea #Regierung #Windows #Windows7 #Linux #Supportende #LinuxMigration

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OK friends of free and open/libre Android apps: My repo now also shows screenshots in the web browser, if there are any (and you use the web frontend). Should affect about any 2nd app. Enjoy!

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Apologies if you had trouble with our Article RSS feed ( ) when using Tor. We've set a Cloudflare page rule to disable stuff on it, that should help!

South Korea is planning Linux migration as Windows 7 support ends.

The interior ministry will begin test-running Linux on its PCs. if no issues arise, Linux systems will be introduced more widely within the government.

They don't mention any specific distro such as Ubuntu, yet in future "hope to avoid building reliance on a single OS" which the case is now with Win7.

Linux ecosystem is flexible / adaptive.

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John Blanco: "MX Linux First Run".

"My look at Mx Linux on my EliteBook 8460p. I was impressed by how easy and how well it has detected all my hardware.

MX Linux based on Debian stable is a well designed highly customizable and functional operating system.

It offers power and control over how you use your computer for your day to day task."


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A vulnerability in WhatsApp allowed attackers to inject commercial spyware, developed by NSO Group, on to phones.

The spyware could be transmitted through a call, even if the call was unanswered.

It is unclear how many phones were targeted.

Minecraft can now be downloaded from Flathub on Linux using Flatpak.

Flatpak (as is also Snap from Canonical) is a universal packaging solution for all Linux.

For those of who prefer downloading things and keeping them up to date using Flatpak, you can now grab Minecraft on Flathub then.

A good time too: with the recent huge Village & Pillage update that was released back in April.

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Chatterbox - a DIY smart speaker for kids.

Powered by Mycroft (an open source voice assistant, that can be installed on Linux).

Chatterbox is the world's first educational build-it-yourself, program-it-yourself smart speaker kit for kids putting privacy first.

Think of it like an Alexa or Siri, but focused on privacy that kids can build / program to bring their creativity to life!

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Linux App Summit 2019.

Are YOU based in Helsinki, Finland?

There is an incentive to hold a Linux App Summit 2019 @ Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki.

Also Jolla held their Sailfish 3 Day there.

Able to help? Or help to gather a team to help?

Email from LAS team:

"The venue looks okay, but we need a local team that can help us organise there.

Maybe you could put together a bid?"

Here's what we are looking for:


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Now over 85% towards the backer goal for Librem One!

Check out the services (VPN, Email, Social, & Chat -- all of which are already online and running) at:

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Game devs using Unity, publish #Ubuntu builds of your game to the Snap Store for free. Reach millions of desktop users with the details in this blog post.

Alan Pope / Ubuntu Linux: Publish Your Unity Games in the Snap Store.

Snap lends itself well to packaging and distributing free games to Linux users.

Snap support is available for over 40 Linux distributions, so with one build of a snap, you can reach millions of Linux gamers.

The same snap will work across all those distributions without you needing to test on each one.

== >

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Going past 500 followers pretty soon? :thinkhappy:

Sooner than the MX Linux' birdsite account reaches 1000??

MX Linux' Mastodon is much younger, too :blobmiou:

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