A new Linux smartphone is coming!

With an affordable price, too. Pine64 is behind this device running KDE Plasma.

KDE Neon creator Jonathan Riddell revealed this at Open Source Summit and it will be called PinePhone.

You can expect this open source Linux smartphone to cost $100+ for 2GB RAM and 16GB storage.


@linux Got one of the first Ubuntu Phone handsets as my first smartphone. I'll likely choose a dumb phone in preference to trying to go Linux again. The market is tied up. Too many people are unconcerned by privacy / security etc. They determine the market. Not only for that reason I would honestly rather now work towards making it 'socially acceptable' to not be on-line (and trackable) or even reachable 100% of the time.

@krozruch Ubuntu Phone is in its infancy even today, so i can imagine it wasn't much of an experience back then.

Purism is providing Librem 5 phone next year, too.

@linux Thanks. I thought Ubuntu phone was cancelled around 2 years ago? I have heard of Purism. That's cool, but it's likely to be out of my price range and I'm not sure that security / privacy as bespoke bolt-on can lead anywhere I want to go.

@krozruch @linux yea the price is high but if they manage to get mainline linux on it with still being able to use all hardware, it would relativise it, because it possible would get software updates for a long time.

@linux I'm curious! I want to see what the operating system feels like.


Ceci m'a l'air bien intéressant... Ouvrons l’œil. 👀


The price is much more interesting than LibreM, what are the performances?

LB: I mean I'm waiting for my Pinebook first but this could be fun too

@linux I gotta say, *this*, and not the Librem, is what I see myself buying. Modest price, running readily-available software instead of a newly-developed shell. I'm sure the UX is worse, whatever UX and worse mean, but it seems to run software that's available today, on hardware that's available today, and to allow me to tinker with it.

@linux Will this device run without blobs? How is the baseband handled?

@linux its awesome, that there a new "Linux Smartphones" in development, but the big problem i see is the current App Ecosystems.

In my oppinion the new smartphones have to support android apps ^^v

Cause if i can't install threema or similar communication apps on it, the phone would'nt be usefull to me, or an average user and i don't think developers would'nt want to support a third platform <.<

@linux The one who wrote that post doesn't know the @Ubports community 😓

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