Mycroft Mark II.

Mycroft is the world’s 1st open source voice assistant such as Siri.

Mycroft runs anywhere – on a desktop Linux computer, inside an automobile, or on a Raspberry Pi.

This is all open source which can be freely remixed, extended, and improved. Mycroft may be used in anything from a science to an enterprise pplication.

Aiming Mycroft Mark II for Q1 2019 shipments!



@linux The guys in the video seem tired. Weirdly enough, that makes them look more trustworthy in the current paradise-ad world 👍

@linux Sounds interesting. Where does the actual data processing happen? Does it work offline? Or will it send data to some central instance as all the other voice assistants do?

Maybe I find out myself. But didn't yet read it all.

@linux Oh I see:
Get Started With Mycroft
1. Create a Mycroft Home account
2. Install Mycroft and pair your Device with Mycroft Home
Sounds very centralized. Can I host #Mycroft Home myself?

@tok @linux as far as I know on servers from Mycroft in the US

@linux i hear a few Linux / Open Source Podcasts. None of them talk good about Mycroft

@linux @reinhard @xtramon At least they have a good sense of humor. Mycroft - Sherlocks big brother, head of british intelligence. 😁

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