How many of you people here use Linux? :thinkhappy:

Is it possible that Windows is in minority here on Mastodon?? 🐧


Oh no! How about starting to be good to yourself too, man?? 🙂

Is there some certain obstacle keeping you from switching to the freedom OS? :thaenkin:

@linux I can't easily multiboot on my desktop due to windows being installed on an MBR disk while using a UEFI bios. I also haven't yet been bothered to install it on my laptop.
I even have a nvme drive which I got intending to use as a linux boot drive


But i mean, is there some software due which you must continue to tag along with Spydows altogether?

@linux nope. But reinstalling software is a pain, especially for large video games that are 50GB+

@_alex7_4_ Maybe leave the downloads on for night while you sleep? :thinkhappy:


✋🏿 I do, indeed.

And for quite some time, actually. At home, and recently at work, also.

Thanks for asking.

@jaze Very nice!

Is Linux usage big or on the rise in your country in general?


That's a good question.

According to, Linux usage rose from 2.47% in January 2018 to 2.61% in January 2019, so it's low, but rising:

I remember reading about the Autonomous Community of Extremadura creating for public schools and institutions (no active links, not a good sign), and Barcelona recently touted its migration to Linux & (, but these are the only cases I'm aware of.

@jaze Possibly the usage is much more?

There seems to be no way assessing the Linux usage percentage even close to accurate?

Also on websites, many Linux users use Tor Browser as a daily driver nowadays, and those count as Windows usage in statistics, too.


That statcounter link was the closest I could find to something at least attempting to provide an accurate answer to the question, and the specific link was to desktop operating system usage in Spain, in this case.

As to the source itself, it seems trustworthy, especially when they share their statistics with a license:

"I am a patient boy" is the sentiment, and there's a link for that:



And, at my work (NGO), the IT department is slowly introducing as computers are being replaced. Maybe that accounts for the 0.14% increase from last year. ;-)

Have a good rest of your day!

@linux Yes, and it’s been a few years Linux-only! I only use a Windows VM for iTunes and DXVK for Windows games, but everything is inside my Arch 🐧

@linux Iam forced to use windows @ work but @ home there're several devices with a Linux installation.


What kind of a monstrous work place is that? :thaenkin:

@linux I pretty much think so though I use windows myself


Do you find Windows better or more convenient or...?

How have your Linux experiences been?

@linux I don't think that it's better at all. I just got to use it for making music and because of the comfort I use it for gaming as well.

My Linux experience was great so far. Running manjaro besides my windows and am about to use it for office, surfing and all that stuff, since privacy is kind of shitty under windows.

@linux but atm I don't have any internet on the machine I'm running so currently the manjaro isn't under much usage


Nice to hear!

But man: privacy in Spydows is non-existant. There is no such thing using that invention :blobpats:

@linux if you say so!
Thought about getting Bitwig (a Linux compatible DAW=Digital audio workstation) over ableton but the thing is, I'm used to ableton though the two of them are very similar. And I'm just using windows 7, which isn't as bad as windows 10. At least I think so.


Pi1 recalbox
Pi2 libreelec
Pi3 raspbian server

Notebook manjaro xfce
PC manjaro kde

Firewall ipfire

Would say addicted to Linux 🤗

@angrytux @linux
Raspberry: Arch Linux ARM
Computer 1: Arch Linux with Deepin Desktop
Computer 2: Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 (sorry!)
Laptop 1: Deepin
Laptop 2: Deepin
Laptop 3: Arch Linux with Deepin Desktop
Laptop 4: OpenSuse Leap with Deepin Desktop
Tablet: KDE Neon with Plasma Mobile (setting it up this afternoon)
I would say I'm addicted to Linux,too 😃 The only thing which is still missing is a linux phone,looking forward to getting the PinePhone.

@linux I use Andro-Oued* since 2 years now. No Windows, no Linux, no Choice since no computer :(


Maybe you'd get a PC from Linux For Hope movement or so?


Thou must show allegiance to only one kernel. The one started by that Flying Finn way back when.


Desktop : Manjaro Linux with GNOME
Laptop : Manjaro Linux with GNOME
Raspberry Pi : Raspbian
VPS : Ubuntu Server

Linux everywhere !

@wascardev @linux

Desktop : Void Linux with Mate
Laptop : Devuan with XFCE
Dedicated server : Proxmox, Debian, OpenBSD, FreeBSD

Unix-like everywhere ! <3

@linux all laptops and desktops are linux. Not sure if we have the majority but I know I am not the only one over here at .art.

Desktop PC: Manjaro KDE
Laptop: Manjaro KDE
Pinebook: Manjaro ARM LXQT
RockPro64: Ubuntu
Phone: Android
Various ARM devices: Various test images of Manjaro ARM.

@linux unlikely. I suspect people just aren’t vocal about it because it’s the default choice & they get yelled at if they do!

It’s also worth mentioning that a not small number of Linux users (myself included) have Windows installed on a PC somewhere for gaming.

We are probably in an environment where Linux desktop share is over-represented though. It’s likely more than 2% of the fediverse’s userbase!


I encourage being vocal about Linux / free software.

it is the way humanity should walk on in tech. I mean, "everyone" more or less nowadays use computer devices..

Human rights should be respected also in that area. Privacy, free speech, no forceful bowing in front of big corporations in this corporatism and so on :thinkhappy:

@linux I prefer “let users know the pros and cons & share my knowledge, and my conscience is clear if they choose something else”

I respect people that see using Linux & open source as a “fight for freedom”. But I try to remember that for non-techies a computer is a tool to accomplish tasks, not something that fires their passion and becomes a core part of the identity.

If an iPhone or Windows laptop breaks for friends & family, I have no moral objection to taking a look at it as a favour 🤷‍♂️


Yes, well, it sure is beneficial that people are different and with differing approaches. What would it be if we all were fiery revolutionists :thinkhappy:

@linux 😜

I think the bigger responsibility if you’re the resident techie is ensuring that friends & family are making good security choices.

That now involves ensuring they have anti-virus, ad-blockers, don’t open strange emails and do check URLs when they use the Internet to make sure they’re not being phished.


You bet, that all these aspects are being implemented 🙏

But as for Spydows; i ain't touching it. If it broke, they must consult some other helper but myself.

I deal only with Linux because only then, i can at least guarantee much more. 😎


Imagine, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will be with us already the next year :thinkhappy:

@linux my desktop machines have been Windows-free since 2014, laptops since 2007 or so... bit I still have to use Windows at work

@hugin Oh those monsters who decide the tools at job.

Private Laptop: Manjaro Cinnamon
Laptop @Work: Manjaro Cinnamon
2 Raspberry Pis: LibreELEC / Raspian

Still gotta turn my 11 years old gaming PC into a Linux machine.

@linux Unix user since 2002. Linux user since 2003.

Removed Windows completely in 2006, decided against using it for anything, ever because the bloody thing just does not work. No regrets ever since.

@drequivalent @linux I can absolutely understand that.I have Linux everywhere except on one computer with Win Vista.And guess which device does always make problems?Yeah right,it's the Windows...

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