Lack of AutoCAD type computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application for Linux?

How about DraftSight:

Of course, there is also for example FreeCAD which is completely free and has come a long way.

Anyone to share some experiences of these or other CAD software for Linux in practice?

I made some designs on FreeCAD and is very good prog.
I use this tutos (in spanish)

@linux I use draftsight every day for reading dwg 3d archviz. It's free but then also property of Dassault...

@linux OpenSCAD is nice! Blender can also be used, depending on your application

@linux At Aleph Objects (manufacturer of LulzBot 3D printers), we primarily use FreeCAD in R&D and Blender in Marketing

MeshLab is also a useful tool in the tool chain for mesh processing and repair

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