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Linux @linux

Vulkan / Linux gaming.

Vulkan is high-performance graphics API (faster than DX12 in some cases already).

Vulkan also works on those other OS's, versions 7 and 8, while DX12 doesn't, so it covers < 2x the market of 10. Thus it should encourage developers to use Vulkan over DX12.

That's GREAT NEWS for Linux users; Vulkan games will work on Linux, while DX12 games will not.

More promotion to Vulkan, the better it gets for Linux users in the long term.

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@linux but it will cause break for lot of android devices.
Does a software implementation is planned?

@nailyk Change often requires heavy casualties? Will Goolag possibly conform and co-operate? They are seemingly for Linux, powers their Android and all, but never even a mention about this Linux anywhere.

I have personally never owned an Android device yet still, and more and more alternatives are popping up slowly but surely (SailfishOS, Librem, Plasma Mobile, postmarketOS...)

@linux yes, was meaning customs roms (am a maintainer).
But all 32 bits devices do not have Vulkan support, and it is scaring me.
If it became mandatory for AOSP (and customs roms) it will require a software implementation.
I looked a bit at the freedreno project but looks like they are not working on it.
That is why I was wondering if you heard about a workaround for 32bits AOSP based devices ☺️