@cyrus @e_mydata Nice to see that the Note is going to live another day widholding it from becoming #ewaste.
but what about the #laptop? Try #linuxlite or some other #lightweight #linux distro to give your laptop new life.
I'm running @LinuxLite on my 2009 #MacBookPro and on my 2006 #iMac 24" it works well for simple office tasks and browsing.


@michuvon @cyrus@fosstodon.org @e_mydata
I tried linuxlite (xfce) on an acer 2007 (32bit). 1 gig ram. It ran and quite ok distro. I ended up with Fossapup. It's fast. Though, has bit of a learning curve.
A bit more friendly, and inspired by puppy is .
The beauty of linux. Reanimate old . :)

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