Now we got some evidence that tech giants including Adobe, Google, and Microsoft may be behind the ongoing attempt to silence some Linux developers via the new Code of Conduct:

How was the new Linux Code Of Conduct approved? Its terms are so vague that they can be used to target almost anybody. Is this an oppression mechanism to silence those developers who make "inconvenient" statements, for instance about Intel backdoors? Oh wait. Intel is a platinum member of Linux Foundation. By the way, Microsoft is a platinum member too.

Intel has released critical CPU bugfixes for Linux servers under a bizarre license that prevents distros from redistributing it:
Why would Intel put obstacles in the way of fixing its own security holes?
Next time you purchase a CPU, evaluate whether AMD might be a better choice than Intel.

Hey guys! Just created my account. I'm super excited to be on Mastodon! It definitely looks better than Twitter 😃 What is the best client for iPhone?


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