A fascinating data visualization video. Having lived in many countries, including Mainland China, I can attest that the data in this video are most likely true.
Most Popular Instant Messengers 1997 - 2019

Apple strong-arms entire CA industry into one-year certificate lifespans
Apple, Google, and Mozilla reduce the lifespan for HTTPS certificates to 398 days, against the wishes of Certificate Authorities.

I've been hosting my own email on one of my sites for a while, and using various mail services like Zoho to host other sites. Below is a good read.
Why build your own mail server instead of outsourcing to external entities

Converting between binary and decimal in is easy.
To convert from to do something like:
Where x is any integer >= 0

From binary to decimal do something like:
Where x is any binary num. >= 0

Today, I reviewed range addresses, which are very useful in . If you want to apply search and replace on a range of lines, it may look like the following, if you wanted to go from line 10 to the last line replacing everything after # with "".
sed -i -e '10,$ s/#.*$//' file

I've been spending a lot of time recently revamping this site, moving it to a new VPS, and editing old articles. In the coming days and weeks, this site will have many things improved.

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