@linuxwebdevelopment Also you can write your own shell scripts and config files and update your deployment by pulling from version control. I have been using PythonAnywhere lately, but it's not quite a full VPS, there's a pretty limited set of software and DBs you can use, but it gives you a lot of fine-grained control with bash consoles and VC and stuff. You can use console mode emacs in bash, which is sweet.

@pizza_pal Thanks for the comment. Definitely, you can write your own scripts with a VPS. I have some cron jobs running daily and others running once per week. This wouldn't be possible on a shared host. Thanks for telling me about pythonanywhere.com/ . I had never heard of it before. I've also used a free VPS before, but it had so many limitations. I'll definitely check out PythonAnywhere. I imagine this environment would be good for Django.

@linuxwebdevelopment Yeah it is good way to "publish" or demo projects using Django, Flask, and Jupyter Notebooks among other things. You could definitely use it to host a site too, as long as you don't need anything that requires Java. There's no Java.

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