How to ethically improve a project that lives in MS #Github: 1) torsocks git clone <project URL> 2) fix bugs; make enhancements 3) start a new project on 4) push the improved project to the new #nixnet repo 5) if you can reach the GH devs, tell them where to find your improved code.

The perception of convenience is why ppl use #Microsoft #Github. To give them convenience is to be an enabler. #deleteGithub don't feed it.

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@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo this whole issue tracking thing should be federated anyhow.

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@lioh i agree, but it would have to be a hybrid of de/centralization b/c we would need the ability to see all issues for a given project. #Decentalized bug submission with #centralized bug searching. And there would have to be guaranteed redundancy, so if a node goes down bug reports are not lost.

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