Weiß jemand ob der Speaker pHAT für den Raspberry Pi (Zero) halbwegs brauchbaren Sound hat?
Muss nur für einen Wecker mit Musik reichen, der nicht ganz schlecht (oder zu leise) ist.

Does anybody know a statistic of mobile OS market share per job/ working field?

a big fluffy boy and the arsenal I used for him (color was added in photoshop because I was worried the ink would do wacky things)

#ink #drawing #traditionalart #poscamarkers #wolf #creativetoots #mastoart #art

I wish you all a happy and good new year. May it be peaceful.

Option Mnemonics: tar xzvf = Xtract Ze Vucking Files [said in thick German accent]

Some errors are really hard to find. I've searched for nearly a day a building error of a python project. does not want to start with tavern plugin. Pytest can't find any plugins. After copying a Pipfile.lock with similar setup. I've discovered that the colorama package is needed on windows. Hours of boring work wasted on some dependency error. Sometimes software engineering is not fun at all.

if you get two monkeys typing at vim for three months they will eventually quit it

Haha, geil. Es gibt eine Mastodon-Instanz auf appdot.net/ :)

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