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I live in the US-PNW with my lovely NB partner, preschool-age son, and tortie cat Andromeda who joined our family in June. I work as a Microsoft stack web/database developer. Been coding since the age of 8, when I wrote a Mad Libs program on my dad's TRS-80 Model III, with a "Teach Yourself BASIC" library book and a weekend. I'm too old to be a Millennial but too young to be GenX. Politically I lean anarcho-communist. ♥️

Psst, I've moved to @lipsticksocialist -- please follow me there if you haven't already! ♥️

EVERYBODY! When my baby bunny drinks milk she does this cute thing with her little paw. It's important that you know this.

guys i'm beginning to think that landlords provide absolutely no value to society and are a parasitic blight on humanity

at any rate, lovelies, I will be migrating my account m.s => a.s tonight, please expect my follow notification & give it a lil tickle

masto meta, why not, everyone does it (~) 

So. Let's clear this up, since Bofa has been inexplicably silenced on .social and I'm on both.
Bofa does not harrass or use slurs against trans people. Many of our users/friends are trans. If you heard this nonsense secondhand, STOP spreading it. If you actually SEE one of bofa's users doing this please report it immediately to our mod bc I KNOW he's not down with that shit AT ALL and will take the appropriate action.

Are we cool? Cool.

Residing at the center of the Pumpkin Spice Labyrinth is the dreaded Thing Enjoyer

PSA: Don't ever talk to the police. Especially if you're innocent.

Here's a great online lecture describing why. Hosted by both a defense attorney and an ex-cop.

🎵 If you follow me here
🎵 please follow me there
🎵 I’m movin off of
🎵 mastodon sociaaaaallllll
CHAAAAH! **jazz hands**

(I love you. I am needy. Please give your faves and boosts to me at @Jen_Lee)

your mission, should you choose to accept it (+) 

your mission, should you choose to accept it (+) 

I'm very pleased to be here on asstodon dot social 🐧 🔫

Wrote a quick script to check this out of curiosity. If I were to block I would lose 133 out of the 446 people I follow, and lose 94 followers.

The centralization around means I that I would lose connection with 30% of the people I follow. I don't think any one instance should have that much power.

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.

broke: dominoes fixing roads so that people's pizzas won't be ruined

woke: dominoes creates medicare for all so people spending all of their money on medical bills alternatively spend it on pizza

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