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Rules for safe protesting:

1. Bash the fash
2. Be gay, do crimes
3. Kill all windows
4. Keep everyone hydrated

Lots of tempting choices amongst my followers but any suggestions?

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I need to pick a new server, because of de-federating.

I'd describe myself as a radical in the sense that I recognize the obvious fact that this civilization has marched the human species to the brink of extinction and our entire worldview needs to be radically reevaluated, yeah

I often question whether my disabilities are really all that severe and then I'm like "but walking everywhere is bad and I'd like to just sit down and be conveyed everywhere."

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Failbetter Games manually changed my gender marker for my character after I emailed them about it 😸
Talk about awesome devs!

If I'm standing up or wearing pants something has gone horribly wrong.

i hate asking this, but since mom is out in seattle for brain surgery, we’re low on money. we need gas, food, and buy for rent and my mom’s medical bills. if you cant donate, please retoot this, and any donation is appreciated!

my paypal is

You offend me. Please address me by my new title, Admiral Steal-yo-girl

Instead of using an umbrella, I just look up at the rain and scream "I am a sovereign citizen!"

all lesbians on this site are now my lovely beautiful gfs and I love each and every one of them

E-mail I sent to myself from my phone on November 25 and 28 finally arrived in my inbox about thirty minutes ago. This is e-mail I sent from my gmail account to the same gmail account.

The flashlight app on my phone makes a satisfying click sound when turned on or off.

Macklemore died doing what he loved: he died saying the word "Macklemore"

Queerphobic comedians present as though they were being spontaneous but every joke has been crafted and refined for their sets

They calculate what amount of cruelty toward LGBTQIA will get Laughs without "too much" backlash.

They are never ignorant of what they're doing.

Forgot to say that I am genuinely asking for a friend in this case. I'm not ready to move yet.

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Anyone have any suggestions for good instances for trans people? I'm way out of the loop here and still am boring enough to be on

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