Hey followers: I'm moving to witches.town/@listelian.

I made that account to check out witches.town's much praised (relatively speaking) local timeline, but it turns out that a slightly higher character limit and a non-overloaded server are really compelling features?

(The downside, of course, at least in my head, is that some people I'm friends with will miss this announcement. But that is just ingrained network fracturing anxiety talking; this is not actually a problem for Mastodon.)

With news of Unroll.me selling user inbox info to Uber, lots of people are repeating "if you're not paying for it, you're the product."

I've said before, and will continue to say, that that is the wrong formulation. Sometimes you pay for it and you're still the product – look at US ISPs. Sometimes you don't pay for it and you're not the product – free software.

The real question is whether a software or service empowers users, which can't be boiled down to whether you paid.

I'm taking a two week trip around California, with all movement between metropolitan areas happening by train.

It's pretty neat! And I'm a big fan of train travel generally. They're more comfortable than buses, no one has to drive, and the slice of the country you see is so much more interesting than on highways.

That said, I'm a little frustrated that I'm still traveling under my old name, with hair tied back and strategically worn jackets. I guess that's just me, the shyest of butch trans.

Man, could you imagine if other workers reacted like tech Industry ones do?
"my car broke down." "UH, HOW ABOUT YOU MAKE YOUR OWN CAR THEN?"

I made accounts on roughly half a dozen more instances I'd never heard of but that had cute names/gimmicks, just to check out their local timelines. But, like, I couldn't see myself actually feeling like checking reading any of them?

Anyone got an instance to recommend whose local timeline feels like, I dunno, old trans LiveJournal in miniature rather than an IRC channel? ('cause even if it feels like a cool IRC channel, I never figured out how to make ever checking IRC into a part of my life.)

It's 69F outside right now. For those of you used to celsius temperatures, you can get a sense of what that's like by remembering "69 = nice"

Trying for a healthy, satisfying social life in Seattle, where so many people just go silent instead of ever saying no / pushing back, feels like debugging software that only hangs when something goes wrong, never crashing or logging errors. Both are just so damn exhausting.

People say, oh, just have plenty of redundancy and restart every so often. And they're not wrong, just at peace with (or resigned to) never really understanding what's going wrong in a way that I can't bring myself to be.

Am I missing out on anything fun by still being on the primary instance? Be it new features, better performance, locked posts, etc..

It's very in character for me to stay on this instance, because my social media behavior is traditionally very motivated by fear of losing touch with people, and everyone who checked out Mastodon and then forgot about it already followed me here.

But, like, I acknowledge that this is silly and not really worth staying over if there are real reasons not to.

I was briefly excited to remember that Mastodon allows per-post locking, but apparently only followers on the same instance can see locked posts, so, not very useful for me?

Which means that if you want to know the gritty details of how transition stuff is going, I guess you're stuck with *thinks about who I know uses which site/app* ...Peach.

Or just message me somewhere. I'm pretty messageable.

(There's nothing new since last week or anything; I just wanted to say something to ya'll here.)

I've been mulling recently over how Christianity is the only long-established religious tradition that really emphasizes believing specific supernatural claims about the world in defining its membership.

By that standard, atheism (and plenty of variants on spiritual-but-not-religious, let's be honest) have done a pretty poor job escaping Christianity's definitions.

(Is this a hipper reason to shy away from the atheist label than just not wanting to be lumped in with those assholes on Reddit?)

has anyone ever successfully read a gnu info page?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:
1) pyrokinesis
2) bioluminescence
3) omnipresence
4) eyebeams
5) pine scent
6) robot arm
7) gills

I had been saving Mastodon for Serious, Thoughtful posts, but now that everyone's using it, should I crosspost Twitter nonsense here?

Like, how do y'all feel about bad Imperial Radch jokes made from Sailor Moon screencaps? mastodon.social/media/uwK78Ufh mastodon.social/media/aHW_GDPh mastodon.social/media/jExzqNQt

PSA: If you are in the web view of a remote instance of some user or toot, you cannot directly reply/boost/fav.

But you can copypaste the URL into your local Mastodon server's "Search" field, then it allows you to interact!

Wasn't obvious to me, so maybe boost this if it helped you. :)

A thing I think back on at times:

My parents sent me to a therapist in middle school because of my Inexplicable Sadness. As far as I recall, said therapist never considered that I might be trans.

Which, ok. I had no clue gender was a factor, either, and it was the 90s, I guess probing for trans feelings wasn't on her standard list.

Something that was on her list, though: suggesting I go shoot guns with my dad. Which wasn't a disaster for me, but, like, the implications of that, what the fuck?

Last night I walked home via a very atypical route, which made me remember how damn pretty my neighborhood is. Pretty and gay and temperate-- I'll likely never live anywhere with a climate I like better.

You'd think I'd feel more conflicted about leaving, but, I don't? Complicated, yes, but not conflicted.

I can spin this as how much I like my old Madison friends (and new Chicago friends!), but wow has it been a surprise for me how much Seattle is not for me. What a weird learning experience.

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