For what it's worth for folks, I'm going to try to migrate this to my primary, mostly because @ElectricKeet is actually on here, and she's awesome and I enjoy being in her proximity. So if you're following @literorrery, please consider following me over here 'cause that's gonna get real quiet real fast. Also, consider giving Keet some love (not that she's secretly a changeling or anything. I.don't.think.I.know.any.changelings.not.that.there's.anything.wrong.with.that. =@.@=)

Exciting. Hey, admins, the Redirect URL I get when trying to log in via Tusky seems to be busted. Tested with different instances, they work. Login works fine via web and mobile, but the redirect is down, so the app's no-joy right now.

.... got that awful feeling of "hey, I've already solved this problem in code at work. It wouldn't be hard to log in to grab my build.gradle and see how I solved it there. That would be faster than trying to solve it again from scratch." That would also involve touching work systems at home.

... I made a project plan and I created a Gradle project. That's progress, right?


I've started a funding campaign to get me some debt relief and a letter for surgery. Please boost if you can. <3

an Objective Reality might exist, but that's not the world we as people actually live in. The universe we experience is built inside our heads, out of mental language and implicit metaphor resulting from eons of evolution.

Our stories and narratives are important. Our metaphors shape our reality. Subjectivity matters.

And, if we want, our reality can be sculpted.

Design notes phase one written down. Much later than intended, but it's a first step. It's something concrete on which I actually want to work outside of office hours.

Routing around damage 

If we assume that sites like Twitter, Google, and Facebook are "damage to the internet" in the sense that they're impeding the goals of the people who want to use "the internet," then we need to start doing what "the internet" does and figuring out how to route around them. Mastodon is a good step in the right direction, changing how social media and federation works, but can we drive this model further?

A listy collection that we and a whole buncha other localish queer sorts built containing a great deal of books by trans, two spirit, and gender diverse authors. Please boost as its a really helpful resource for trans sorts who like books (and people who have libraries in their town and want moar stuff like this available).

Books Authored by Trans, Two Spirit, Gender Diverse Authors:

#librarieseverywhere #trans #books #lgbt

Are you a Bay Area LGBTQ/Furry artist who wants space to show, sell, talk, dance, and play?

Look no further!

This May 13th join us at the Billy DeFrank LGBTQ center for 7, in collaboration with San Jose FurCon!


Worth noting: when someone asks you to use pronouns they're not asking you to never make a mistake in your life.

They're asking you to just try, and to be aware that some people deliberately ignore or violate this request strictly to protest that and be overtly threatening.

This is 10x true when you know someone on both sides of a pronoun transition. Everyone knows that mistaken "he's" or "she's" can slip out.

Just try. We won't make it weird if you don't make it weird.

I think I've designed two community projects tonight. I'm going to need support, of course, but I have ideas on how to proceed. On things that need to be built. I need to write up the designs and socialize the ideas, to see if they're viable.

I don't want to build under a basket, but I don't want to share before it's time.

Our city, The Mess, is divided into six themed boroughs - up, down, top, bottom, charm, strange - growing in all directions at the speed of light. The outer reaches are wilderness; but toward the center, the cityscape becomes dense with multitudinous posthumanity. Dive deep enough, though, and this yields to ancient catacombs; and here, beyond mindstone crenellations and the improvised homes of mystics, at the very point of origin, is the city's incorruptible generator: a single rotating coyote


A garden is more than a plot of dirt from which you have removed all the weeds. It's not the product of happenstance you happen to tend. It's a deliberate act of expressed intent. It's seeds you bought and planted, fertilizer you bought and spread, water you poured and measured, light and heat you planned and prayed for. It's effort separate from the act of tearing out brambles. You have to tear out the brambles, but you can't just do that and claim at the end of the day you grew a garden.

Who could've known politics could be so complicated?

What pisses me off here is that it feels simultaneously like the people who commissioned Fearless Girl did a disservice to the artist of Charging Bull, and that most people don't want to hear that because it complicates the path to goodfeel. Finding emotionally resonant paths through complicated situations is hard. People don't like doing hard things. I get that. But we must.

Beta, Magic 

I made a music mix -- -- centered around languages, and the power of speech. At least, that's part of what's encoded within it. It's kind of nice hearing that at home. It's one reason I was so happy to see tootings in so many languages.

Be your truest self here. Let this be a place where that self-expression is possible and welcome. I'll do my best to understand it, and to work with it. I will fail. I will try again.

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