Okay!! My plan for today is:
- pack kidlit
- Bake snickerdoodles
- watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and cry my eyes out because Lara-Jean is a perfect peach
- pack living room
- make baked squash, broccoli and rice from

Nerys is helping me with the first.

Aaa sorry my image description didn’t load. Image description: Nerys, a border terrier dog, curled up on my bed surrounded by children’s books organised into piles.

Man I love Children’s Fiction. These are my copies I can’t part with or haven’t read yet. Got another little stack for the primary school.

@Razhavarax she is not! But we are DS9 fans so it’s a nice coincidence, but we are Welsh and wanted an old Welsh name for her. It’s pronounced Neh-ris rather than “Narice”. Also she’s a dog 🐕

@lee ive not read it! There’s a bunch of stuff I haven’t gotten to due to ageing out and then being all “this is a KIDS BOOK” as teens are want to do. I was a kids bookseller for a while so know a lot more recent stuff, but have q a few series to go back to, like Artemis Fowl!

@littlehux oh awesome! well i definitely recommend it, it was my favorite series when i was a kid & it’s actually pretty advanced. super interesting concept too

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