Hey! I’m editing an amazing book of people’s writing and art. 20 artists have produced essays, short stories, creative non fiction and illustrations. Publishing is an industry dominated by neurotypical voices and I wanted to create a space to showcase the talents of some amazing people.

But we need to hit 100% for it to happen. Come check the project out and consider preordering the book to guarantee its publication.

We hit 48% today which is super exciting! I would love for us to hit 50% this month as it’s my birthday! If you are interested in and (and !) come check out the book and preorder your copy.

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Holy moley. Our book is almost at 50% already?!

If you want to read short fiction about selkies and hungry ghosts, or essays about being an autistic sex worker and the intensity of special interests, or see stunning artwork linked to being autistic then check out our book. I’m so very proud of it, and excited to give autistic people a platform for creativity.

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