Why yes, I will watch all the anime about people and their cats.

Airports are humbling places. So many lives and stories happening all in one spot where you've quite literally crossed paths with so many people that you'll never encounter ever again.

I have been up since just before 4am this morning and I am exhausted.

I chose to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino because of the good location for my visit tomorrow and also for the view.

Everywhere downstairs is too loud and noisy though so I'm sitting up in my room listening to the quiet hum of the small refrigerator and just enjoying silence.

I really hate it when I think of a thing and go to look it up but then as soon as I open the new tab I forget what I was going to do. Like walking into a room and forgetting why I did so in the first place.

Stuck at work because of a storm. And thus I am playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp because what better to do on company time when it's too bad to go out and head home.

People keep asking me why the light isn't on in my office and I keep telling them it's because I get all the natural light and don't need it when it's sunny out. Such a big difference a bit of sunshine in the window makes. That and being able to watch the rain and storms on cloudy days.

I will not read the comments. I will not read the comments. I will not read the comments.

Well that sudden loud smoke alarm going off at work sure woke me up. :angery:

Wow, Tuca & Bertie got into some family stuff that made me real uncomfortable there. There's a lot going on in this show.

Is it stuck in my head? Yes. The answer is yes.
This was a very good YouTube discovery.


Endgame time. I am unsure about my level of preparedness. Also have Detective Pikachu and Sonic in the back of my mind all the while.

Also I would like to actually play Persona 3 and/or SMT: Devil Summoner and/or Digital Devil Saga on a current console or something. I'll gladly also take the soundtracks, including Nocturne too.

Reminder to myself to look up and find the Shin Megami Tensei OSTs to listen to cause I'm a huge nerd.

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