Merry Skele-moosemas? I'm all out of clever alternative holiday names, but this delighted me.

Why do these cats like to chew on plastic bags?

It's good to be home? Yes.

Made it through last night, now I am tired and at the airport, but I'm going home and will be back this afternoon! Home home home.

Of everything going on lately, all the difficult family stuff and relationship stuff, of all the things I could be thinking about...

I'm thinking about those tornadoes in a bottle we made in middle school with soda bottles and how mesmerizing they are to watch.

Why am I even at work? Why did I think I'd be okay?

How the hell am I going to go on this work trip next week and not be a mess?

Imagine mishearing your teacher and thinking it's maslow's hierarchy of bees

In today's episode of Apparently Lumi is a Disney Princess: a butterfly landed on my cheek. :owi: πŸ¦‹

NP to our bratty brat cat: you're a punk ass biscuit.

I feel a need to rewatch D. Gray-man and then the new series too. Must anime.

A Silent Voice talk, no spoilers, I think? 

Today I startled a hummingbird and it startled me and then we played hide and seek and it won because I definitely couldn't find it again.

I also befriended some bees and hoverflies and took photos of mushrooms.

I'm taking some time off this week. Maybe I'll watch some Steven Universe or do some reading, or find a park to explore, or find a cute shop to visit, or go eat something tasty somewhere I've never been before. Something different, something nice.

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