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Marxism is outdated - all means of production are owned by Chinese.

Capitalists today just own the numbers - they do not care much about means (of production) as long as these means produce new numbers.

We need new social theory, based on means of numbers.

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@jk clean drinking water.
One of world's rare commodities.

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Thinking about how right things can be done for wrong reasons.

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Internet, or rather, Web Space is TIMELESS!

[Ppl do you really believe your ideas will last forever?]

Hahoy the ministry of truth.

The truth is never plain and rarely simple.

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Wow what a whirlwind with Parlor. And all that ban. 1984 at its best. 5 riders of Internet apocalypse, It just proves freedom of speech is a myth.

Is it quiet or I forgot how to use it?

I do not understand this world any more. Feel like jumped dimension or parallel. Is this a noise or it has some meaning? Not to ask if anything actually have meaning...

There is this European online shop who audits their customer payments by asking them to submit picture of their credit card unencrypted via unsecured public email system. (to be fair enough with some numbers masked).
Ad-hoc I calculated brute force crack of (average) 500.000 combinations per card to find missing information and steal completely valid credit card. Now, thinking how long it will be before this makes news on how yet another company has been hacked. Beware where do you shop !!

monkeys typing..... A LOT of them! The result is not a masterpiece. 


Which side is 'Dark side of the moon?'
The side we never see?

All those little sexual things that cannot be filmed, or even hinted in media full of cliché [including explicit production]....
perverse? nah!
its interesting though that western culture analyse everything to the extreme and then sticks a label to it.
Sorry boys and girls, some things do not fit to analysis [loose its intricate magic] and then label falls off [refuse to be named not to be vulgarized by shallow misrepresentations of human specie].

It is the relative importance of ones belief.

Q: is it really necessary to believe in whats sold as belief?

Q: do we really need to believe with uniform believing intensity?

Q: wthy t.f. one expect me to buy t.f. belief. Sod off!

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Fedipedia - , better known as Standard Federated Appendix is genetically engineered self modifiable organic module usually seeded inside frontal lobe area of the brain around age of 5, allowing children to interact with fediverse for schooling during their sleep phase. Since 2049 SFA's have been regulated by SFA committee - a multi-stake regulation body. SFAs grow in size and functionality along the individual development.

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Let's build a society by teaching everyone good boundaries & helping everyone to have their basic needs met.

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