Happy Thursday, my gorgeous fediversians.

Remember, you are under no obligation to be kind to people that mean you harm. You do not owe civility to anyone that denies your basic human right to exist safely.

It is pointless to attempt to reason with a person that is resigned to believe your suffering is necessary and your pain in inevitable.

Resist that falsehood. Use a bat if you have to.

You matter. Your safety and well being matter.

@Are0h and thus slowly we get into modern society tribes - docile tribes, hostile tribes, fundamentalist tribes, religious tribes, political tribes, scholar tribes and I kick your butt if you kick mine tribes.

@Are0h do not think I am against what you have said. I am just trying to point out that as much as I agree to hit someone who cannot understand civilized manners with 2x4 (more convincing cousin of baseball bat). I still believe that circle of violence has to stop somewhere. It is social acceptance that drive those people. My remedy: one behaves like that, my service price doubles. I stop minding if someone is a-hole, perhaps they can afford it.

@Are0h nope, learned on the way that cultural differences can lead to wildly different assumptions. So I do not assume.
I also may understand that you could believe that I am one of the kind you are trying to describe.

@ljgww For someone that states they don't assume, that's quite an assumption.

And saying I disagree with what you're saying is pretty straightforward. Don't be obtuse.


@Are0h OK I understand: you do not want to talk to me.
No problem.

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