wtf is all this thing with bread?

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@ljgww I think it has just become its own in-joke. So why not post bread? And of course nothing stops people from posting from a different reason. But I think it originally comes from memes on Conquest of Bread.

@Electronic_Bunny lucky me. I do not know anything about Conquest of Bread meme. And, now, I wander it is perhaps better that I do not know.

Q: So where in the f* world you have been Lj?
A: Somehow managed to exist elsewhere. I guess.

Thank you for taking time to explain!

@Electronic_Bunny on the other hand comunist anarchism was an end point of what I believed is the future of the social system I have grown up. In the meantime world went upside down to no better state yet for some reason seemed to click with people. By now all of this flare shows to be somewhat irrelevant. Social order we have is way to complex to be under just one idea.

@ljgww I think you should try seeing the idea not controlling a social "order" but an individual principle in your life. Bread for thought.

@Electronic_Bunny suggestion that revolution come from inside is naive.

@Electronic_Bunny need to go sleep but the sentence sounds to me: (Bying) bread for (selling) thought. It is just nicer without the obvious transactional attributes.

@ljgww Suggesting someone can plot out the intricate and complex details of millions of people unique lives and give them the right "social theory" is wishful thinking.

And your just overthinking things with the bread subtext.

@Electronic_Bunny funny thing, I have already lived in society where described wishful thinking was reality, furthermore it is belief of mine that i still live in such society [albeit selling to be quite different perhaps more perverse].
Overthinking is nice label applied to times where underthinking seem to be the norm.
But thats not new, in some cultures refusal to think became proverb long time ago.

@Electronic_Bunny Perhaps in this time 'social theory' could be overkill, because underthinking mass simply do not recognise importance, maybe it never will or at least it will not until importance became painful. One of previous theories called that [liberal translation to English for lack of knowledge of original term] :- raise of consciousness [specifically revolution related].

@Electronic_Bunny If we want to progress we need to be smart, open and try them all and only then the smartest of us can suggest something. Only then we can have universal social theory (and practice) free from various interests. Since - we, people - are predominantly stupid, thickheaded & corruptible - I am not seeing or foreseeing getting to these (at least not in some foreseeable future - who knows what will be in another 500 years, probably nothing much as there was no much in past 500)

@ljgww If you really feel that way though, go check out Bob Avakian and his works. I don't feel that way, but if you think the direction of life can be summed up with an examination of social sciences to find the "most accurate scientific theory of revolution" you would want him.

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