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Wow what a whirlwind with Parlor. And all that ban. 1984 at its best. 5 riders of Internet apocalypse, It just proves freedom of speech is a myth.

And this is going to happen everywhere where schools reopen. It was really not that hard to guess.
Beware, idiots can kill you!

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What you described is more acceptance testing
If you have a set of functions perhaps you can just describe the functionality to a prospect and allow him to do gap analysis

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In such case since you'd test functionality of the server you can call it functional testing. Are writing api or Web site app or something else?

Normally those are 'unit' tests. But it is a bit unear where your software sits.

Is it quiet or I forgot how to use it?

I do not understand this world any more. Feel like jumped dimension or parallel. Is this a noise or it has some meaning? Not to ask if anything actually have meaning...

There is this European online shop who audits their customer payments by asking them to submit picture of their credit card unencrypted via unsecured public email system. (to be fair enough with some numbers masked).
Ad-hoc I calculated brute force crack of (average) 500.000 combinations per card to find missing information and steal completely valid credit card. Now, thinking how long it will be before this makes news on how yet another company has been hacked. Beware where do you shop !!

@pnathan good to know! Still reading basics constructs but had some questions partially answered so I guess its better I first read a book till about the end and try to write some code

@theauracle Yes you are right, what kind of geography lesson you'd suggest? I was making a joke that nort america is made of us ca and mx when there is trinidad and tobago

@theauracle Heard of Trinidad, North America... also, i wander what's understood of what i have written. Good day!

monkeys typing..... A LOT of them! The result is not a masterpiece. 


@senatormeow packaging does not guarantee the content
hence later you call her bjach ;)

@Pixley so thats why there was less ppl on this planet!!

Which side is 'Dark side of the moon?'
The side we never see?

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