here's the full story: I quit using mastodon last time I was here because my mom kept following me and I want to use this place like an alt. But I'm living with the knowledge that I may not have that choice in the future if twitter continues to be unbelievably bad

I just watched final fantasy the spirits within and boy howdy what an unrelenting trash fire of a movie

hey folks it turns out that if you update your mac after skipping the last two updates and dismissing the PLEASE UPDATE NOW alerts multiple times a day every day, you suddenly have 20 free gigs on your computer you did not previously have

I'm listening to Raffi's 2018 album right now and it's honestly great, please listen to modern raffi sing about how much fun it is to walk his dog

I accepted the follow request from this extremely christian evolution-hating leftist btw, it's funny as hell to me that this person exists and I want to see their tweets actually

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it's also wild finding people who seem cool as hell and then 5 tweets down you find them retweeting memes that attack atheists for believing in evolution

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real human beings are wild. I locked my twitter account 2 weeks ago to stop people threatening to beat me up, and since then I've been very carefully examining all these follow requests I got from my Big Tweet. It's wild treating someone's twitter account as a crystal ball and trying to figure out whether they are a threat to you

@lmichet I know one dude who used to work for LinkedIn and he was a guy who had never worked anywhere besides LinkedIn, was my only friend in the Bay Area who did not drive, and also I seem to recall he didn’t wear shoes or something. He worked for LinkedIn and he never used the site and was the most anti LinkedIn type person I’d ever met

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