@lmichet future universe where nobody drives gas cars anymore but we all just put em on blocks and chill in them when new episodes of 99 Precent Invisible come out

Would love to transform my car into just a big air-conditioned box I sit in when I want to listen to a new album or a long podcast

A Sega Saturn, a tonne of ecstacy, and a rifle painted a portrait of a man gone mad.

Good bots on Masto:
- @amightyhost generates decriptions of conan-esque barbarian warriors
- @rudebot is very, VERY rude
- @socks generates socks
- @nierautomata is nier automata death messages
- @frolicbot is by me, it generates goat descriptions, it doesn't have enough followers :((
- @BenedictCumberbot tells one joke that I will never get tired of
- @it_was_inevitable_slow tweets the thoughts of dwarf fortress dorfs every once in a while
- @instanceideas self-explanatory

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Our video game is the Dark Souls Of making Dark Souls using only a PS4 (scrub to the end for the result) youtu.be/SHUpqwuhMy4

why cant I, hold all these roll of toilet papers?

IWW stands for international waluigis of the world

tarot is rigged. they don't even let you bring your own deck to counter their attacks. how are you supposed to win

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