Dunno if you all saw this, but I am running a jam to make STYLE GUIDES for THINGS IN THE REAL WORLD that DON’T HAVE OR EVEN NEED STYLE GUIDES on itch:

@lmichet This is amazing and I prolly don't have time to participate, but I wonder if linking to technical specifications like exist for how HTTP requests must be formatted or what well shaped Python looks like would be helpful or illustrative to potential participants. Or just horribly boring.

If you like and want examples, I could maybe hunt down some links. LMK.

@benhamill I think something like that could definitely add to the jam! I’m hoping we do get some technical stuff in the submissions

@lmichet It's too bad ISO specs are so expensive. Linking to ISO 8601 as an example would really express the breadth of what's appropriate to submit, it sounds like. 😜

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