real human beings are wild. I locked my twitter account 2 weeks ago to stop people threatening to beat me up, and since then I've been very carefully examining all these follow requests I got from my Big Tweet. It's wild treating someone's twitter account as a crystal ball and trying to figure out whether they are a threat to you


it's also wild finding people who seem cool as hell and then 5 tweets down you find them retweeting memes that attack atheists for believing in evolution

I accepted the follow request from this extremely christian evolution-hating leftist btw, it's funny as hell to me that this person exists and I want to see their tweets actually

@lmichet i grew up with some people like that. like, bible-literalists who are young earthers, think dino bones 'are there to test them' but also socialist pro lgbtq+ types. Honestly a lot of it can be folded into 'crunchy new age' thinking with time.

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