I just watched final fantasy the spirits within and boy howdy what an unrelenting trash fire of a movie

@lmichet it does have that one moment where Donald Sutherland gently exclaims "oh, they're warm", though

@gnomon lost my SHIT at that, haha. Surrounded by globs of space cum and he says that. Jesus

@lmichet i haven't seen it since i saw it at the dollar theater in 2001 after being awake for a day and a half and i think it's better that it stays that way

@lmichet Pretty sure the enormous failure of that film, begun when Square was high on Final Fantasy VII profits, was why they had to acqui-merge with Enix on unfavorable terms

@matthewseiji yeah one of t he folks I was watching it with had a lot to say about how royally this movie fucked Square. The studio in hawaii they set up for this one was outrageously expensive and totally unnecesarry

@lmichet I always thought of it as a fascinating and classic example of creative hubris after creating a hit & believing you can do anything

@saladmonster @lmichet It made for a cool tech demo at the time but lmao yikes it aged terribly in every way

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