@oreolek tfw been waiting on pathologic 2 since backing it on kickstarter in 2014, but also in the meantime somehow became localization writer on it

@matthewseiji yeah one of t he folks I was watching it with had a lot to say about how royally this movie fucked Square. The studio in hawaii they set up for this one was outrageously expensive and totally unnecesarry

@gnomon lost my SHIT at that, haha. Surrounded by globs of space cum and he says that. Jesus

I just watched final fantasy the spirits within and boy howdy what an unrelenting trash fire of a movie

hey folks it turns out that if you update your mac after skipping the last two updates and dismissing the PLEASE UPDATE NOW alerts multiple times a day every day, you suddenly have 20 free gigs on your computer you did not previously have

I'm listening to Raffi's 2018 album right now and it's honestly great, please listen to modern raffi sing about how much fun it is to walk his dog

@prophet_goddess if I ever have a huge amount of money lying around and I've already spent it all on actual useful to society things, I'll pay a bunch of artists to cover bananaphone in every style imaginable

@prophet_goddess I think the second song on the album is just him singing about his little dog. this is incredible

there is one (1) [a single] cover of bananaphone

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