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Also, if you are technically capable. You can set up your own instance and join the federation.

Apparently, because I worked on and they looked at our code for some of the mastodon stuff I'm allowed to brag that I helped create Mastodon slightly. Look I need this. Don't take it from me.

It's crazy to think that the primary bottleneck to federated social adoption was just one person deciding to implement one in Ruby on Rails. I have to underscore how exciting it is that even extremely basic attention to developer / user UX inspires huge ripples of "anybody wanting to use actually use a thing".

Huh. Exported my follows so far from Mastodon, imported them into my own tooter. About half are missing after an hour or so :/

I guess this just means I need to set up a second mastodon instance for the express purpose of breaking it

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Now that I've got my own mastodon instance, I'm tempted to go all-in and just do all my tooting from there. But then, I want to play with it and I might break it. So I'm also tempted not to move

Oh hey! I keep forgetting this place has weird colon emoji :boom: :trumpet:

There's also been a tradition of fun / weird / arty twitter bots since then, so that seems like a keen thing to soak my head in for this space

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Like, I've looked at all this tech years ago. But, tinkering with it was less interesting when the audience was smaller / less fun

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Reading up on Salmon & PubSubHubbub again and considering writing a "Mastodon without Mastodon" blog post while building a bot.

@lmorchard it's the year of decentralized social media on linux on the desktop, Les. ;)

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