Likely deleting Mastodon in the coming weeks. It has a lot of merit, but I wonder if it is really the best use of my time.

Moreover, there's a ton of friction filtering down local/federated feeds to find new people that is not immediately obvious. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding best practices?

I do think, tho, for some, this an incredible Twitter alternative and is better is most respects.

Bought tickets this morning for spring training in Phoenix. I dropped the ball my first year and I didn’t get to see any games because it was right when lockdowns and closures started.

Then I dropped the ball in ‘21 by waiting too long and tickets sold out because they did limited seating.

But I got two tickets to take my oldest to his first baseball game.

RT @mungowitz@twitter:

It's striking how people blame "the algorithm," as if FB or Twitter intentionally highlight extremism.

The problem, as @kmmunger showed with YouTube actually, is simply that extremism is more interesting, to us, the users.

WE do it, ourselves.

Sometimes all you can do is make an old fashioned to sip while you hold a crabby baby who’s teething.

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Reminds me of a great book I read a few years ago, Deep Work, by Cal Newport. Attention, Newport claimed, would be the next “killer app” soon because our attention is collapsing. Those who can figure out how to stay focused will be more productive. And not just in a utility maximizing way. But rather, in a way that gets your work done so you have more time, and more focus, for personal things like leisure and relationships.

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And people wonder why smart speaker usage has stopped growing.

The first two commands work but every one after that fails. I'm not even trying to be tricky.

A rare cold morning in Arizona. 36 degrees (~2 degrees for you celsius folks) as I’m leaving for work—haven’t seen this cold since I moved here in 2019.

Good stuff on Marginal Revolution on why meetings are so bad. It all sounds right to me, though I’ll ad that the original question presuppose that “we know” why meetings are bad, when in fact we don’t.

Some of us do. Most don’t. Many meetings I’ve been in could have been shorter, or not held, but were because principles thought it was “necessary”. (Of course, I also work in academe. YMMV.)

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This Rose Bowl is shaping up to be a shootout.

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