Apps on my phone connecting over Tor: F-Droid, Fedilab, spaRSS, OsmAnd.
Most wanted next app: NextCloud.

why NextCloud? I mean why the high priority? Esp. if you or someone you trust hosts the nextclout server?

The fact that I'm using NextCloud or where I'm hosting it is none of my internet providers business.
Where I'm currently located is none of my server providers business.

The automatic periodic updates are especially troubling, since it paints such a detailed picture of my whereabouts.

I've played with the idea of routing all mobile traffic through #Tor, but there are too many apps with sensitive data (#Signal etc.) so I've stuck with all traffic through my trusted #VPN. Are you using #Orbot? I'm guessing you don't use VPNs?

@squire are your apps with sensitive data not encrypting its data, you're using the wrong apps

They are (as far as I can tell), which i suppose why I find a VPN makes more sense for majority of everyday traffic.

@squire Ah, but the point of using Tor is to avoid the single point of surveillance failure that is your VPN.
Either you run your own, and cross your fingers your hosting provider or their upstream(s) don't fsck you over. But then you're the only one coming out of that address, so you're more or less identified anyhow.
Or you use one of the few good VPN's and put your eggs in the basket of them being competent, untouchable and so on.

Precisely. And I certainly trust my VPN provider a hell of a lot more than my ISP - or any ISP for that matter.

Good for you! If they're popular you've got some anonymity too. But if they're popular they're also a juicy target for breaking into, monitoring network wise, attack with legalese, bribe or threat. Tor has the upside of being more distributed making attacks like the above harder to pull through.

Yes, it really is a balance and that's why it's such a hot topic for debate (VPN vs Tor).

@squire i'm using the tor client that comes with Tor Browser for android

> *\*Expert Root Mode**
> ★ UNIVERSAL MODE: Orbot can be configured to transparently proxy all of your Internet traffic through Tor. You can also choose which specific apps you want to use through Tor.

Works great for me.

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