How many of you employed by a company active in the field of collecting, cataloguing and searching personal data have read IBM and the Holocaust?

I think that education around potential ways that ones profession risks hurting society would be a good thing.

@ln4711 I agree! I added the book to my Goodreads list after I replied to you.

Most of my engineering ethics have historically centered around civil and nuclear accidents and an engineer's duties to the public, and am happy that my University was a pioneer in the US at supporting the Order of the Engineer (whose ring I still wear on my pinky of my working hand to this day).

It wasnt until I entered the software engineering world that I realized ethics was not taken as seriously

A #documentary on #propaganda and #crowd #manipulation that everyone needs to watch is titled, The Century of the Self (2002).

It's unfortunate but #society fell for the latest trick, #Google - hook, line and sinker.

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