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1. Data Sharing: turning public officials into border guards

2. Mobile Phone Extraction: your phone is fair game

3. Social Media Intelligence: what does a Facebook like say about you?

4. Predictive Policing: a feedback loop that reinforces racial bias

5. Lie Detectors: security on scientifically dubious grounds

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Yesterday I learned about Dwarf Fortress and now I'm afraid of even using the internet. I mean, what if I try it out? I'll be fighting the urge until it's time for retirement!

Chromium’s impact on root DNS traffic

Half of the root #DNS requests is caused by #Chrome #Chromium for questionable purposes.

This day can be described with this classic haiku:

It's not DNS
There is no way it is DNS
It was DNS

The Internet Archive.

They used 60 petabytes of disk space end of last year. Someone needs to run all that.…

I went to a couple of years ago and I pay them monthly. I feel good about it every time I go to https://‌ and I go there a lot.

Wow, just wow! An experiment with basic income starting, that's exciting. The number of participants is ridiculously low though, which I presume is because of the method off funding -- private donations. Still excited!

via @yogthos

After close to a year of resisting the urge I finally did it. I got myself Factorio, the game.

My life is now a mix of joy and despair.

Some of the participants brought a warmed up Tor relay and configured it as an exit node on our network! Welcome to the tent floor exit node!

concerns regarding the fact that, ultimately, anything running on a hypervisor is at the mercy of the hypervisor.

This was addressed back in the ‘60s by IBM’s LPARs on mainframes where the hardware-based virtualisation ensured that each LPAR not only felt like a separate machine but actually was from a hardware isolation perspective.

I tried hacking LPARs for years and failed, I count it as one of my most important failures because of all the techniques I learned while failing:flan_greybeard:​

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Intel publishes yet another security extension, this time it is called “TDX” for “Trust Domain Extensions” and, in Intel’s own words, "introducing new, architectural elements to deploy hardware-isolated, virtual machines (VMs) called trust domains (TDs). Intel TDX is designed to isolate VMs from the virtual-machine manager (VMM)/hypervisor and any other non-TD software on the platform to protect TDs from a broad range of software.”

It is clearly aimed at “the cloud” to try and address…

COVID-19, Sweden 

3/3 On top of all of this comes the fear. And especially when you feel that your own government doesn't have your back when you need it as most. Lack of trust in those who decide who will live and who will die is a good reason for seeking advice elsewhere. Following the majority shouldn't be the worst idea and here we are.

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COVID-19, Sweden 

2/ Adding to this is, I think, the overlap of chosen actions and opinions between the Swedish establishment and some extremely ignorant actors in the world, like the U.S. president and his cohorts. A reasonable gut reaction for a U.S. citizen seems to me to take the position opposite of whatever the administration is pushing, but even a blind hen sometimes finds a grain of corn.

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COVID-19, Sweden 

1/ I think that the main reason why Sweden seems to be acting so irresponsibly regarding the pandemic is its focus on public health, as opposed to handling of COVID-19. The negative effects of lockdown, including long term effects, are taken into account. Ignoring this makes it all look weird.

My rule for social networks:

What you're reading here typically isn't anyone's opinion. It's merely a thought someone had and shared with you in written form.

We should really try and stop judging or criticizing people as if we're reading their master's thesis.

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