@ulfur I had to go back and read that three times to make sure it didn't say, "fecal recognition" - wtf is wrong with my mind today?

@scanlime he says, "thank you for providing such an appropriate place for me to plop down my cat."

@jillybobww@kitty.town Cats are funny like that. :)

@jillybobww@kitty.town my kitty was the same way when i brought it home. But she eventually decided that it was all she wanted to drink from and she *adored* it.

@jcbl he says, "work bad, cat better. pet cat. feel better."

@munin @Motoma @SecureSamurai@social.targaryen.house @da_667 I can't stand it either. Gnome 3 is half the reason we have systemd.

@Elucidating It seems self-defeating, honestly - part of the draw of a platform like this is to make new info available for everyone. We just need better ways of organizing it, like lists

@nullspace there's apparently a settings button at the top-right of the notifications column where you can make it stop.

the tab in which this app is open is currently consuming 100% of my laptop's CPU. *sigh* Fans are at jet-engine level.

@tobypinder Fantastic. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

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@loather not obvious, but there's another hidden options button at the side of the mentions column w/mute options etc

@johnnysunshine I think it depends on *who* all is running them - there are people I'd be far less likely to trust than others

@wgblondel I *could* do that, but that means I have to do it every time I open a new tab with the webapp running. :\

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