Finally releasing another utility called Contraste. Please download it at but more importantly, please use it and make sure your website or app is accessible to people with visual impairment! Feedback and boosts appreciated :)

@lobau will it work on native apps? If not, then I’d love to see such an app.

@woolie yes, it will copy any color on your screen, no matter if it's a native app, a website, a video, anything!

@jr because I don't know how to make windows app :) Would love to make a windows version if I could!

@lobau in which programming language is this app written?

@lobau oh ok that's a problem... I sometimes think Apple want's to bind the users more and more to the Apple universe with this language...

Sometimes? If it was easy to go in and out of their ecosystem, they would have their users try other OS easily. Very scary for them, and I'm telling you that from and Android phone ;)

@lobau For me it is scary that they trie to bind the user completly to their ecosystem...

@lobau interesting but, this would be much more useful as a browser extension

@MightyPork thanks. As a browser extension, you would be limited to check color ratios on website. I wanted to be able to check color ratio on apps like Sketch. For that an app is better :-)

@mmu_man @lobau
It's a nice initiative, just a shame it's for mac only. Do you plan to disclose the sources?

By the way it would be great if the licence was mentioned on your site, with also a contact.

@alfajet @mmu_man no plan on disclosing the sources no, but I'd love if someone would volunteer to make a windows version of it :) good idea for the license. Right now it's standard freeware. I retain all rights, just giving it away for free.

@mmu_man sorry, dunno how to make any other app… I'd love to see someone release a window version tho! :)

@lobau Font size and font weight factor into the legibility of text and into what color contrasts are acceptable. In your CSS, you set font-weight to 100. That's ultra-thin. That's why your website was not easy to read for me, even though you the colors you use are fine -- but only for regular and bold font weights.

Also your app doesn't seem to show the different ratings for regular and bolded/large-scale text.

@lobau Also, there is no alternative text for your screenshot.

@feli lol, I threw away the website very quick so I could ship that. I'll fix the download button. Thanks for the feedback, I guess? I feel like maybe you should be a little more friendly to people trying to push accessibility?

@lobau I am sorry to have hurt your feelings. My intention was to give you feedback that you could use to improve your app and its website.

@feli @lobau thanks for the feedback on the app and website. Consider my previous toot as feedback that you could use to improve your communication skills. :-)

@lobau Could you tell me why you were hurt by my comments? Because I don't understand that.

@feli I'm not hurt. your comment is just very passive-agressive, which is not what you wanna hear when you release a freeware.

@lobau What makes you think it's passive aggressive? I was just giving feedback, and now you are using psychiatric language to describe how I talk. Because that's how you help disabled people.

Also, if I didn't even hurt you, why do you tell me to be friendlier to you? I spent about half an hour to give feedback so you could improve your app, I think that was pretty friendly.

@feli I'm just giving you feedback for you to improve 😉

@lobau I love it. Is the following a feature (for readability) or a bug? I can't quite decide which

@lastfuture it's a feature haha. Anything < 1.3 gets overwritten. Originally I had the problem that if you pick twice the same color, the UI would completely disappear 😄

@lobau I like it, especially that one can produce nice swatches when reviewing a page, like in the image. (It would be great if one could switch off the window shadows, arrange the windows in a grid easily, and it would be amazing if I could click one color picker icon and then first select the background and then the foreground color without having to re-select the color picker from the window.)

@yatil all extremely useful feedback. For the last part, OMG completely agree I need to do that! For the swatch "history", maybe I can solve it differently by adding another "comparison" window or something, where you can pin swatches to it for easy retrieval / comparison. That would be easier to lay out as a grid, without shadow, etc. Thanks for the feedback!

@lobau Thanks for this! Would love to see it as a menu bar app rather than running from the dock.

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